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Be a part of the solution - Not the pollution: Factors to keep in mind before buying an air purifier

Due to the increasing outdoor and indoor air pollution, diseases are on hike. So, before you catch one, bring an air purifier for your home or workplace so that you can at least take a breath of fresh air at your home and office.

Whenever we get irritated, frustrated or annoyed or for that matter sick, we tend to blame our stressful and demanding lives. We start complaining about work pressure that leads to mental pressure, physical pressure or sometimes our personal and social lives. Though, in some cases, this might be accurate but do we ever think that this could be due to environmental hazards? Not only outdoor air contamination but indoor as well? The answer is probably, no.


Before moving further, let us get acquainted with a proven fact: Indoor Pollution is one of the top five threats to our health. So, this proves that it’s not always your hectic schedule but most of the times it’s where you live.

If you are suffering from any of these on a regular basis, then you definitely need an Air Purifier for Home:

• Worsening Asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems

• Headaches and Nausea

• Sinus, Congestion, Cough, Sneezing

• Eye, Skin, Throat and Nose Irritation

• Shortness of Breath

• Memory Loss, Dizziness, Fatigue, Depression

One might say that it’s not mandatory that these diseases are a result of indoor air contamination, but as we all know

“Prevention is better than Cure”

So, it’s always better to take measures in order to lead a healthy life. The cherry on the cake here is that without even stepping out of your house you can buy the best for you and your family. A huge number of reputed brands including Philips, AirSpa, Sharp, Kent, etc. are ready to give you the best at your doorstep. Now, if you are planning to buy an air purifier for home or air purifier for office, then you should not miss onto a list of things in order to make a wise purchase with long-lasting effects:

1) Regulate your Needs: Brands offer uncountable number of air purifiers, depending on the quality, price, design, efficiency and filters. It’s up to the buyer to analyse before buying depending on your needs. For e.g. a person suffering from mild allergies might not need highly-effective purifier as compared to the one suffering from asthma. This will help you save money and determine your needs.

2) Compare: The market has innumerable brands and companies offering a wide assortment of purifiers. So, it is advisable to compare as many brands and purifiers before you settle for any. This will, in turn, give you the best indication of technology, depending on your needs. The good part here is, most of the websites have the feature of comparing between different brands, thus helping you to make a prudent choice.

3) Placement: it is mostly recommended to place your air purifier in your bedroom because that's where most of us tend to spend time. One should keep in mind that portable purifiers are designed mainly to purify the air of a single room, so the need for investing in additional units for other rooms might arise. Furthermore, whole house air purifiers are becoming prevalent choices for clean air in every room of your home. These units connect to your home's existing HVAC system and purify your indoors as you heat, cool, or ventilate your home.

The above-mentioned points are bound to help you in making the right choice so that you don’t wake up to smell smog but fresh and clean air.

So, it’s time to start loving yourself and your family by freeing your home from dust, pollen, bacteria, spores, viruses and other toxic air contaminants.


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