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Be honest while recruiting people. Communication is the key.


There are three kinds of communications with the candidates which take place in the recruitment process.

1. Convey:

Recruiters should purely convey what all are there for candidates to know in context to job, pay, benefits, culture, company etc.

2. Emphasise:

As a recruiter or someone being the face of the job (point of contact) should emphasise those things which you think are strong points of the job, culture, benefits or about the company. No alteration, modification or exaggeration.

3. Convince:

Third is when you are sure that the candidate is the best fit from all the angles but he or she is still in confusion or not able to make the decision, re-emphasize those strong points but in a tactical manner. 

If facts are exaggerated by recruiters and the candidate joins the company, it might affect the productivity of the candidate, create a cultural imbalance at the workplace, might cause early goodbye to the company. 

Do you agree?


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