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Remember to celebrate


Parents use a tremendous amount of their time for transportation, cleaing, shopping and working long hours. No wonder, that our kids tend to be non social and getting comfort in the social online atmosphere with mobile phones, ipads and television glamour.

With those few hours of our time, where we as adult can spend time with our kids, we must spent that dedicated time to our small ones. We have to watch ourselves, not being slaves or zombies of electronic appliances and constantly getting impulses as sms, mail and phonecalls. Turn them off and be present and alive.

Therefore, its important to celebrate every day at home with your family, could just be a small celebration with a nice meal and discussing every day life, but also remember sometimes to go big. My point is to go big.

Have a big celebration kids and grown ups together. Halloween and Christmas are two good examples of these special family events, where we should embrace and giving us the time to listen and understand our own family better.

Why dont you celebrate halloween, Christmas and easter as big familyevents plus your neighbours ?


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