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An International designers mining platform.

The very first question people start asking is, what is gorgeous forever? 

Gorgeous forever is an international designers mining platform. In more simple words-Its AirBnB for independent designers. 

Gorgeous forever is a portal dedicated to all Independent designers, to showcase their collections. It will therefore be one stop shop for all the customers in the international market who are looking for exquisitely handcrafted designs from Independent designers.

Pain point of the designers: India and international:

Designers are Designers-The Art People. Not the Technology experts.

Bridging the gap between a designer and a technical expert, a must must requirement to showcase globally.

Making local designers and their unique designs break geographies and reach out to global audience.

Thus letting designer work on the design and technology expert on technology.

“let designer concentrate on what they do best and we take care of the rest”

Our Solution:

Providing full technical support in terms of a full fledged Web-Portal.

Designers need not worry about ; how to present and out reach the global audience.

Customers worldwide get access to designs that they would otherwise never come across.

Designer and customer interaction platform to actually handcraft and create each as a unique piece; as per customers desired requirements.

Our demographic serving area is global:

 Unlike all other ecommerce in India mainly focusing on Indian buyers, we on the other hand -our focus is on globalizing  Indian designers . 

Founder:  Ajay Singh-Background in bio-metric devices earlier with in-depth knowledge of web development and its challenges of continuous evolution, and who also has detailed study of the market, built GorgeousForever.com from scratch

After moving back from Dubai in OCT-2014, started Gorgeous Forever in India for International independent Designers. 

Progress: Already got selected as Alpha and exhibited in Web Summit's event Surgeconf 2016 in Bengaluru on Feb 23-24-2016


Dubai: GorgeousForever.com is a selected member of Astrolabs Dubai(The only Google partnered tech hub in UAE), currently working to increase our footprints in MENA region.

Over 10000+ Live products available for sale on our Portal in different categories.

Ajay SIngh- Gorgeous Forever's office in  Faridbad.

Astro Labs --D ubai

At Surge Conf- Bangloare 

Naveen Jain & Ajay Singh

Agreement with - Namshi.com founder and Astrolabs-Dubai


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