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Beginner’s Guide for Blogging - Content, AdSense, Affiliate and Loyalty!


The blogging website industry has germinated and multiplied its earnings in the past decade. Multi-Nationals look forward to establishing themselves in leagues as big as the Silicon Valley itself. The question is, is it really possible to bling such a lifestyle from a blogging website? Had the answer been a “No”, this blog wouldn’t have existed.

For a beginner in this industry, it is important to never run out of inspiration coming in from the already-established blogging website giants like the blog of Tammy Hembrow. She started almost 4-5 years ago and currently have about 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and a whopping 7.2 million followers on Instagram. Her variety of personally looked into fitness programs has been the reason for her popularity among the Australian youth.

Having said that, the next question on your mind better be “How?”.

You started your blog some time ago. How do you make your blog your Atm? Scroll down to know how to do it in the least measure of time.

Content Marketing Tool

Content is king. Apologies, but yes, that phrase might make this content 1% plagiarised, but it is. Even more so, content marketing is the queen. You could either sell products on your website and bring in the revenue that way or make the content on your web page intriguing enough that a million parties approach you to get their content positioned in the same league as yours. That is when first-grade content begins knocking at your door. So, stop spending hours on your own team’s scribbling but step out of the box!


The most common way of doing it is by placing ads on your blogging website. When you talk about and online ad, you talk about paying something to Google via AdSense. Be it CPC ads in a corner or between two sections on your website, you could make some money out of that. One doesn’t need to talk to those advertising agencies on a daily basis, but simply place a banner whose payment mechanics will be pre-decided. Other than AdSense, Infolinks, Media.net, and Chitika are a few alternatives.

A whooping 35 million of the visitors on a blog are unique. An average non-extra-terrestrial spends about 11 hours of his day on his phone, out of which, he spends 19% of the time reading blogs (almost a quarter). The number of bloggers in Australia has increased from 5 million to 11 million in the last six years.  A majority of bloggers is women. All this data packed up, how can you use it to your blog’s potential? If you wish to be counted on the list of top blogging websites like The Best in Australia, Expedia, Mashable, (according to Target Internet, they earn as  much as $7,000,000 a month) etc., you must  take into account the above data.

Your Content’s Niche

Track how a write up performs among your audience. Get to their roots, research about their likes and opposites. Be it a list post, a ‘how to’ post, an informal essay, etc. The moment others like your content and your blog climbs the ladder of recognition, you will be automatically motivated to write even better; a content that the average content writers look up to. Make sure, the best content are kings to further level up the competition for quality.


The timing of investing more cash into your blogging website is key. For a normal product’s life cycle, the website would tend to rise on the ratings charts during the introduction phase, grow in to a recognised one, you will then notice an increment in a regularly decreasing manner until it finally starts to decline. The phase that comes right before declination and after maturity is when you shall invest in AdSense and similar likes. Also, if possible, exploit the scope of innovation during these two phases.


The optimum affiliate blogs are mostly a great manner to position yourself as a trustworthy and well-reputed blogging body. Always welcome an advertiser who wishes to sell via your website. This would bring him some traffic for a cost he would pay to you. This would increase the number of unique affiliate links on a particular page on your website. This way, the affiliate would get to know whenever a customer was converted using the backlink on your website. You could do it in two ways, either include a backlink in your content or create a banner outlining and related to your own content. This would also give you an opportunity to sell private ads, which only means, more money.

When you have mastered the above, move on to the 6th step. This would come only when you are already an established blogger.

Recurring Income Sources

Continuity Programs and memberships help retain a reader. Retaining costs much lesser than acquiring a new reader or an affiliate. Collaborate with blogs better than your own and follow up close on how they run their loyalty programs. This could be something wherein, a reader pays some fixed amount to you, or he could be given access to the premium features of a blogging website which may include discounts or exclusive blog contents like Hotstar’s Premium Membership. As stated above, this won’t be possible without a ‘god-level’ comprehension of the whereabouts of the blogging industry. To understand a few technicalities about the content above, in an attempt to relate to them, you would want to know at least the basics of how a blog runs. Considering and accommodating the new aspirants, the section below would enlighten you about something you must read.

How to start up a blogging website?

A million websites telling you how to go about a thing in a billion ways, who do you treat as the king of all? Well, after visiting more than a hundred blogs is this blog telling you how start your own blog after you have successfully finished the research and other required homework.

A Good Stage

If Michael Jackson moonwalked in his own house, what do you think would have been the number of people who came to see him dance? Other than his family, maybe none. Likewise, you must choose the right platform considering the category and quality of your content. Tumblr and Blogger are a couple to name other than the obvious WordPress.

The Right Web Host

Putting your finger on the best web host out there is anyone’s choice. That’s another domain of competition right there. Choose any among SiteGround, HostGator, Panthur, Ventraip could prove beneficial in the long run.

Own Your Blog

There’s one bad news. The content you post on ‘your own’ blog; you don’t actually own the content since it is being hosted on someone else’s, the host. Choosing a self-operated blogging domain is good for SEO and last but not the least, ‘your own’ blog! This means, the host’s mood swings cannot just proceed deleting your well-threaded sentences in a quickie. Design your own blog without worrying about the host.

With this done, penetrate your way into the industry with quality content. The following links “blogs-in-blogs” help you with the “Not-To-Dos”. Go through them as well if you want to go in deeper.

13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginners Do

11 Beginner Mistakes That Cripple Blogs in Their First Year

A number of companies run their own blog like the one mentioned here forth. The Head of Public Relations at My Assignment Help OZ, a renowned assignment providing company based out of Australia said, “Our experts have invested a decent amount in our Blogging Website and that has helped us maximise the ROI”. He also added,

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