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Best Email Marketing Tools for managing email marketing campaigns in 2019

The list mentioned above of email marketing tools is designed by a digital marketing company which has accelerated the business approach as it has enabled 1 to 1 communication through email marketing services.

Email marketing is one of the best tactics to trigger your target audiences as it provides bulk email marketing services. Although several digital marketing mediums like Facebook, Whats app, and Instagram are ruling the industry, email marketing services continue to enjoy its space. It is one of the most tried, tested, and accurate methods that can create a significant impact on customer experience.

Email marketing on a broader note includes; sending emails to the concerned audience, educating them about product, service, or the sender company. Email marketing is considered best for start-ups as it is the most economical way of marketing. As a newbie, it also helps to acknowledge target audiences and digital marketing techniques. Several digital marketing agencies today are coming up with various innovations to bring out the best of email marketing to their audiences.

Let’s have an eye on some of the best email marketing tools:

1. Mail Chimp

One of the well-known email marketing tools is Mail chimp. It enables in sending emails, update content, and provide subscriptions. This tool can be best for startups as it is cost effective.

Key features of Mail Chimp:

●      Marketing CRM tools

●      Audience dashboard

●      Contact profile

●      Sign - up forms

●               Tags API

●               Predicted Demographics

●               Address finder

●               Automation

●               Personalization

●               Pre-built segments

●               Integration

●               Lookalike audience finder

● Time zone delivery time setup

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp has been the favorite tool as it is a free tool up to 2000 subscribers. Also, there is a pro plan available for $199 a month to avail every feature of Mail Chimp.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing tool which has different features to explore. ActiveCampaign is an excellent marketing tool for bloggers, product marketers, and startups.

Key features of Activecampaign:

●               Subscription form

●               Dynamic content

●               Email segmentation

●               Split testing

●               Site tracking

●               Event tracking

●               Automation goals

●               Automation maps

●               attribution

●               Split actions

●               Gmail extensions

●               Contact and lead scoring

●               Mobile app

●               Sms

●               Site massages

●               Facebook custom audience

●               Conversations

●               Win Probability

● Predictive sending

Active Campaign

There are various plans available, and the starting plan is $29 a month for 1000 subscription. It also has $459 a month as lite plan.

3. Convertkit

The best part of convertkit is that it is simple and easy to use. Convertkit works great for bloggers and individual branding.

Key features of Convertkit:

●               Attractive forms

●               Trackable data

●               Simple but powerful automation

●               Convertkit sends the right message to the right person at the right time

●               Tags and segments

●               Can send highly targeted content tailored to their interests, location, and other data


●               Unlimited email sending to subscribers

●               Reliable source

●               Text-based email

●               Help in switching tools

● High conversion for email send to open

Convert Kit

This tool offers 14 days free trial and then charges $29 per month and also has a 30-day refund policy. Thus if there is a requirement for easy, simple design and economical rates - convertkit can be the right choice.

4. Aweber

Aweber is the oldest email marketing tool used across the globe. As a startup, it's good to start with this tool as it is easy to use.

Key features of Aweber:

●               High delivery rates and open rates

●               Email newsletters

●               Drag and drop editor

●               Email automation

●               HTML templates

●               Tagging

●               Split testing

●               Autoresponder follow-ups

●               RSS to email

●               Integrations

●               Sign up form

●               Email API

●               Mobile app

●               Customer service

●               Subscriber manager

●               Subscriber segmenting

●               Email tracking

● Email deliver ability rate


It offers 30 days trial and after that user are charged $19 per month. Thus going for an easy and economical tool can save both time and money.

5. Drip

It is a communication tool for E-commerce companies. Drip is an older mail marketing tool, and now it has rebranded itself. It offers personalized tools.

Key features of Drip:

●               Native integration

●               Easy in Implementation

●               Flexible API

●               Email builders

●               Automation workflows

●               Multi-channel marketing

●               Email campaigns

●               One-off email

●               Tags, custom field and events

●               Purchase intent marketing

●               Content customization

●               Segmentation

●               Custom conversion tracking

●               Native reports and dashboard

● Exportable data sets


Drip, email marketing tool, is free up to 100 subscribers then after the plan is for $49 per month.

6. Constantcontact

Constantcontact is giant known email marketing tool. It is a decent and straightforward tool.

Key features of Constantcontact:

●      Drag, drop and editing made easy

●      Email template

●      Design professional

●      Automation follow-ups

●      Segmented and automated emails

●      Contact management

●      Auto updation

●      Email list building

●      Surveys and polls

●      Dynamic sign-up form

●      Events

●      Donations

●  Email marketing automation

Constant Contact

Constantcontact has 60 days free trial and then it’s subscription is $20 for one month.


The list mentioned above of email marketing tools is designed by a digital marketing company which has accelerated the business approach as it has enabled 1 to 1 communication through email marketing services. Thus you can pick the right email marketing tools that fit best for you and experience a rise in your business, sales, and growth of your company.

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