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Tips To Design Creative Corporate and Brand Identity


Everyone has a special trait for which they are accepted and appreciated. Similarly, a company’s brand identity is the unique quality for which it is acknowledged by its customers. However, when it comes to making a brand, there are a lot of elements contributing to it. This includes the name, logo, typeface, tagline, tone etc. that actually reflects the value of the company.

Most of the times, brand identity is misconnected with brand image, which is about how the brand is being perceived by the customers. To understand brand identity better, let’s have a small Q&A session. So, if I say Starbucks, Pepsi, or Dominos, you will abruptly answer coffee, refreshing drink, and pizza. So basically, the best that the brand actually delivers becomes their identity and this is what helps business to flourish, because a mass is able to recognize them with it.

In order to start up, companies hire corporate identity designer, who as a basic step generates a design reflecting the company’s vision. This is generally done through the logo and a lot of graphic designers, online and offline are performing this job with efficiency. However, when a design for corporate identity is created, there are a few things that has to be taken into strict consideration:

Keep a Hidden Message Inside: Ever seen the identity design of Baskin Robins? The ice cream chain is known for offering 31 unique flavors to its customers. And the brand initials ‘BR’ are designed in a way that they represent the number 31. Creative and expressive! 

Similarly, Sony Vaio’s logo is quite interesting. The first two initials of Vaio ‘VA’ represents analogue signals while the later letters ‘IO’ resembles the numbers 1 and 0 that represents digital signals. Isn’t interesting?

The brands are actually very particular about their logos as it helps to pass a message to their customers about their product, vision, and the reason behind their existence. Therefore, anyone who is able to bring it out through their design is a hit for the companies.

It Should Target the Customers: Every product or service is made for a specific age group or for a category of customers. Therefore, the brand identity thus designed should be developed in a way that every customer is able to recognize it, understand it, and could relate to it. Have you noticed MacDonalds logo? So lively, loved by every age group, and the creative brand initial ‘M’ is their identity now.

Visually Pleasing and Attractive: Ever had a look at Roxy’s logo. Roxy is basically Quicksilver’s silver clothing line. And considering the fact, Roxy’s logo is created by combining the Quicksilver’s logo, but by rotating them. Interesting? 

Creating brand identity is a responsible job and is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of creativity and technicality in design is needed to meet client’s expectations. A lot of creative minds working full time find freelance corporate identity design jobs online and earn well. Platforms like Ruprr have a lot of jobs posted for graphic designers who are good at identity designs. Go, grab one for you, today!


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