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An entrepreneur from a drifter


It was year 2014 when I completed my post graduation in Corporate Communication and was still clueless of what to do with my life. I always wanted to start and do something on my own but investment was always a big issue for me. 

As it is always said that good things takes time similarly in 2014 I took the plunge and decided to startup with zero investment and try out my luck or else like everyone else will join BPO for good money. During my college days I always felt that giving more emphasis on theory, there should be more focus on practical training. 

I started up TechnoCrips( https://www.facebook.com/technocrips/with the aim of providing practical sessions for college students especially engineering students as their all life ends up in front of computer. And if they wont learn what to do sitting in front of it during their college days then they have to spend again four years in corporate sector on learning how to work.

With a register, a pen and phone I started my work from home and started discussions with all colleges across India discussing about providing hands on training to their students on latest technologies which is either included in the syllabus or apart from it . 

During these 2 or more days sessions we decided to create a professional environment for students. We started teaching them new platforms and simultaneously started giving them small part of projects to do so that all their doubts can be cleared out.

During the initial days making contacts and team when I had no work for 3-4 months and no money to even to pay my phone bills of Rs 600. I had to borrow money every time as I didn't want to take help from my father. I earned only Rs 5000 from my first session but did it to learn for future. 

It was such a great success that now we have tie up with the college for every year and after that i have never seen turning back and same year we have reached to almost all top colleges across India and got best feedback for our sessions .After waking up all nights to find out clients for web and IT services i also entered into the division of web development and IT services and have successfully developed many on running e commerce for clients. I never seeked for investors or waited for it to come and start i started up my own and still dealing all problems all alone.


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