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Photographer Bhasmang Mehta Has 5 Important Tips For All The Budding Wildlife Photographers


The concept of photography has evolved over time. From the time of roll cameras to the digital cameras and now with the arrival of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, many people have chosen photography as their profession. A particular genre which many people have explored lately in photography is the field of wildlife.

India is very rich when it comes to nature and wildlife and one can find many rare species in the country. Capturing images of rare animals is the priceless possession which is owned by many wildlife photographers. One such name is Bhasmang Mehta, a former industrialist who made his career in photography. Born in a family of doctors, Mehta unleashed his creative side in 2011 after which he pursued his career in wildlife photography.

Bhasmang is the owner of ‘Wildlife Sojourns’, a photography company which he started along with his wife Zankhana. While his company organises several photography workshops for amateur photographers, Bhasmang Mehta has some important tips every budding photographer must follow to make their career in the field.

Below are the 5 essential tips every wildlife photographer must possess:  

  • Patience is the key:

The most important thing to be a wildlife photographer is to be patient. It is all about the perseverance that counts. There will be times you will get the best shot in the first safari visit and there will be times when you might not get the perfect shot even after 10 visits. In either way, remember to never get disappointed. Animals are mobile species and sometime due to their body movements you might miss your shot. Always remember to keep trying.

  • Explore wildlife to the fullest:

As a wildlife photographer, you should enjoy the entire process of exploring the forest. Don’t just explore the forest and the wild creatures, but also get fascinated by appreciating the beauty of mother nature. The best way to know wildlife is to go out and spend time with those creatures. The animals need utmost love just like humans.

  • Do it with all your love:

It’s most important for a wildlife photographer to be a wildlife lover first. Don’t enter this field if you are attracted to because of the glamour and name and fame that comes with being a wildlife photographer. Be passionate about your work, make wildlife a part of your life and go out to click some amazing shots in the forests with taking proper precautions.

  • Never destroy animal habitat:

One of the important tips for all the wildlife photographers is that do not become selfish for your own sake. Do not disturb or harm the animals to get your perfect shot. Just like you stay peacefully at your home, let the animals stay peacefully in their homes. Also, do not frighten the animals by invading their comfort zone.

  • Protect yourself:

In the process of exploring forests and other wildlife areas, make sure to enter the zone with proper precautions and knowledge. Use the expertise of local guides to enhance your wildlife experience. And most importantly follow all the rules & regulations set up by the local forest department.

Final takeaway

To all the aspiring wildlife photographers, make sure you get into the field if you have immense love for it. With that, Bhasmang Mehta has given important advice to take all the necessary precautions before you head out to click your perfect shot.


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