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Blessed indeed are those who found their work !

Blessed indeed are those who found their work !

Many entrepreneurs "find" their "work" during their startup journey. They introspect, discover themselves and evolve as individuals as their venture goes through a similar evolution.”

As an entrepreneur, you come across a problem and have a potential solution to the problem. You work on the solution, find it feasible. You believe that this solution is really useful to a larger group. People will not only use it but also will be willing to pay for it and pay for it good enough for you to make profits. There is also a strong belief that you have some unique or differentiated skills to solve this problem and hence your solution is better than any other solution to the same problem. This is how typically an entrepreneurial journey begins and progresses.

During this entrepreneurial journey, the startup starts scaling up when it finds its core focus area, its primary “work”, the exact problem it is solving and how it is best equipped to solve that problem better than anyone else.

This has a direct parallel to how we as individuals evolve on a personal and professional level. We don’t know many a times, rather most of the times, what we are good in and would excel. You have some hunch and go with a feedback that we get from friends, teachers or we just pick up what we see ahead of us to figure it out later. As we go ahead in our career, we keep refining that till we get to the point where we know exactly the focused area where we excel and seem to do better than others with relatively less efforts. More importantly, we seem to enjoy that as well and create a virtuous circle for us. When we reach here, this is the blessed stage when we “found” ourselves and our “work”. My father always mentioned me the quote “Blessed indeed are those who found their work”.

Some are blessed to know what they are good in at very early age, some know much later and unfortunately some never figure it out. For me, the evolution of a company is very similar. Most of the companies start with an abstract idea and a very broad business proposition. It gets refined as the company evolves and gets feedback. Of course, there are a few, very few who get it right and are focused in a very narrow pointed area of their excellence and they excel. Most of the organizations keep refining and sometimes totally redefining their purpose of existence. No doubt, the earlier you get that focus, the better it is. So the idea is to introspect, know yourself well, keep getting feedback, be open to it and keep incorporating that in the refinement till you reach that focused excellence. Once you reach there, then the scaling is easy and will be rapid.

To take this argument even further, I would say many entrepreneurs “find” their "work" during their startup journey. They introspect, discover themselves and evolve as individuals as their venture goes through a similar evolution. After all, your company’s evolution and clarity can help an entrepreneur to evolve as an individual and a professional. This, in my opinion, is the best reward out of an entrepreneurial journey.

I hope and wish that all of you and your companies are blessed to find your work !!


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