Bridge the Market division – Lessons B2B Can Assimilate from Their B2C Cousins

24th Jun 2019
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B2C marketing can Learn from B2C Marketing

Family friends or ultimate rivals, no matter what your stance is on this unintended divide, it would be childish to ignore the beneficial traits that they can adapt from each other. The concept of B2B and B2C is often times considered to be worlds apart, based on the assumption that people who are buying for businesses do not think in a similar manner to the people who are purchasing goods for themselves. Hence effective marketing needs to be a blend of carefully selected strategies.

Have you ever heard a B2B marketer emphasizing that B2C marketers have it easy? Well, in this article we will be discussing how smart and sophisticated B2B marketing take bloom with a little effort, creativity and innovation, and of course, bit of inspiration from their B2C cousins.

With the old trends dying and new strategies prevailing, calling 2019 a massive year for marketers would be a safe statement. The shift in marketing trends initiated with the boom of dot com, the shopping experience was not limited to the bricks-and-mortar stores. The customers are no longer sitting behind desks or waiting outside of a shop, they demand for a dynamic experience, inclusive of both, human as well as digital touch. The B2C world had changed as companies like AliExpress and Amazon demonstrated the true potential in the field of online shopping. Today with just a few clicks, customers are able to order new clothes, books, etc. from anywhere in the world, be it a grocery store, a beach, or at work.

In this highly competitive age, Business to Business marketing is essential, traditionally considered to be dry but none the less necessary. B2B marketers, by nature, tend to opt for more conventional advertising options. Not to completely eliminate the practicality and effectiveness of those age-old tested techniques, B2B businesses need to progress forward with the altering tides of the industry. Just like one size cannot fit all, thinking that one technique will work on everyone would be farcical. Social media marketing and web marketing were once only considered to be the tools for B2C marketers, but with the evolving digitalized world, even that has changed now.

World of B2B marketing

The World of B2B Buying:

Typically a B2B buyer knows exactly what he or she is looking for. Their buying habits are vastly contracting to the individual consumers.  Consumers tend to spend a lot of time contemplating what to buy and from where to buy, whereas, B2B buyers have only a limited time window which is why they tend to focus on creating a reliable and long lasting relationship with suppliers, to save their precious time of course. B2B buying traits are more like ordering than shopping. These players wants to get online, place their order and get back to their work. And this opens a window of opportunity for all Business to Business platforms.

Unlike the old times, when B2B was supposed to be a parched business domain, today these buyers are expecting a better customer experience, tailored results and productive sophisticated search results. All these things have been adopted by B2B buyers as a result of their B2C shopping experience. Since B2B buyers have the taste of getting everything furnished to them on a silver platter, 24/7, they expect the same thing with their B2B endeavors as well. Buyers learning from B2C model, it is high time for B2B businesses to also start embracing B2C ways.

With that in mind, here are few crucial things that B2B brands needs to learn from to seize the growth opportunity.


Be Transparent:

B2B customers are not at all interested in signing away their capital without understanding exactly what they will be getting, where their money will be spent and what results will it yield. Customers expects to get the best against their budgets and best they should get.

Modern B2B clients wants to have a personal and business connection, and by being honest, transparent, unlocking all the bolted up secrets, and letting them on alongside all the operations, will surely help in developing a deep level of trust. Working closely with customers allows you an opportunity to help determine your clients a progressive way forward, making it convenient to prove your value.

Consumer-ising your Offers:

You might be focusing on business to business marketing, but it is important to realize you are connecting with a human. The cold ways used to approach customers might not work in the modern world, because they are left unread, as it doesn’t really seem to even try.

One effective kernel to chew on, there are many creative and innovative ways to approach B2B client, and most times, the best ones are found alongside the B2C techniques.


Don’t be Sacred of Innovation:

This does not mean you are allowed to spend all your budget on VR goggles, in the name of doing something different. It means be bold and brave, just like B2C. You can name endless B2C marketing campaigns that has influenced you as a customer. B2B marketing campaigns and advertisements needs to be just as exciting and penetrating as those.

Establish Meaningful Relationship:

Social consumers are said to be far more expressive than the people you try to reach with an email blast. Research is necessary here. B2B customers ask logical questions and they want logical answer to satisfy their reluctance. B2C companies are efficient in establishing relationship with their customers and this trait must be adopted by B2B businesses as well.

The communication should not be considered done with the signing of deal, but the customers should receive exactly the same attention as they did before. They need to realize that their voice is heard and their issues are catered to, which is what any successful B2C campaign does. Remember, if you are a B2B salesperson, the business you are trying to conquer has always a person in charge who will decide whether to say yes or no to the deal. He should be considered as the targeted audience and the strategy to win him or her must have a relationship building component in it.

Start from the Core:

As happens with any general B2B marketer, they tend to market two attributes the most: benefits and features. And though this seems like a tested and logical approach while working with businesses, it lacks personal touch. Since all decisions start from heart, whether B2B or B2C, decisions do have some part of emotions associated with them.B2C has been working on this field for decades now, But B2B marketers an also use this thing to create and stand out in the crowd of their competitors.

Ready to take a step ahead? Take a note from, that has done an amazing job pulling at the heart string, they have successfully weaved the element of H2H in business to business dealings.

company culture

Exhibit Your Culture:

Another useful tactic to adapt is showcasing the company culture. A company culture is something that is totally unique and exhibiting this side of your company will not only result is building a positive relation but also helps in humanizing your brand. It would be pleasing to witness B2B stealing a page from B2C directory by showing what makes their company and team the best.

For instance Spotify, the careers page are bold, fun and tells a remarkable story. Even more than that, it has somehow find a way to weave their product into the story. This killer narrative has made various customers bought inti it.

Personalized Shopping Experience:

Safe to state B2C industry has earned a master’s degree in e-commerce personalization. By collecting relevant data on customer shopping trends and habits, they have not only successfully build customer loyalty but are using it to create more opportunities for upselling. So what is stopping B2B industry to step into the footsteps? Simple gestures like a personalized welcome message on the homepage, predicting their likings with “based on what you viewed before”, or saving their credit card or address information to simplify the ordering process can help immensely.

B2B personalization is obviously different to B2C, since the consumers are not individual here, it would be better to work on tailored needs and requirements.

Omni culture

Embrace Omni-channel:

B2B shoppers have come to assume a similar experience in all outlooks of the buying cycle. According to surveys, almost 80% of shoppers have proper studied the market rates and products online before actually paying a visit to the platform. B2C businesses have learned to embrace and acquire customers through various channels.

For B2B, what does it mean? It translates to considering all ingredients that request a personalized buying experience. B2B e-commerce needs to become stakeholder of B2B businesses. B2B businesses needs to focus on acquisition customers from online as well as offline channels.


Adopting one benefiting lesson after another will help B2B businesses put into a play a very effective and customer scoring marketing strategy. With the help of more defined and customer oriented strategies, clients are more likely to invest trust in your business. Empowering B2B to use technologies they wouldn’t have dared before. B2B business industry is already thriving and with attributes adopted from B2C it can boost towards success.

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