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UGC Platforms: A Brief Guide To UGC Marketing Solutions

UGC Platforms: A Brief Guide To UGC Marketing Solutions

Monday June 08, 2020,

6 min Read

Lately, the marketing landscape has evolved a lot with the brand’s focusing on delivering value to the customers and making marketing more engaging to the users through content. 

But the challenge that they still face is about creating or choosing the content which will help them achieve these objectives along with driving returns for their marketing activities. 

User-generated content marketing in recent times has solved these challenges for marketers as they found it beneficial to both the brand and the consumers. 

Now the need is a solution that can help them leverage UGC to its full capabilities with end-to-end UGC marketing solutions. Here came the UGC platforms for User-generated content marketing. 

What Is a UGC Platform & UGC Marketing?

UGC marketing or User-generated content marketing is the process of leveraging relevant and valuable user-generated content like customer reviews, UGC photos, video reviews, etc. for marketing & branding purposes. 

A UGC platform like Taggbox is a tool that helps you in curating user-generated content from different social media and digital platforms into a feed and display that feed as a UGC marketing campaign across diverse marketing channels. 

These channels could be anything from a website to event marketing to digital signage campaigns to email marketing to outdoor digital advertising and many more channels, UGC platforms provide you the functionality to leverage every marketing channel. 

Basically, a UGC platform is a link between the user-generated content sources and UGC marketing endpoints. So, using the best UGC platform for marketing & communications will ensure massive campaign success. 

There are many possibilities that you can explore with a UGC platform for UGC marketing so here we have listed some of the best features & possibilities that you can leverage through UGC platforms.

Possibilities With UGC Platforms For Marketing 

1. (User-Generated) Content Curation

Well! The first and foremost possibility is to identify, discover, and curate user-generated content from different platforms into one place. 

Not just the user-generated content but you can even curate your any other form of content such as branded content or influencers’ content from different social media & digital platforms. 

So, you can curate the best and most valuable content from diverse platforms and leverage that as per your requirements. It is highly beneficial to marketers and brands as they don’t have to invest hugely in content creation & marketing. 

2. Social Media & Digital Platforms Integration

UGC platforms like Taggbox give you access and ability to fetch & aggregate content from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, and many more. 

Besides, you can also aggregate content from digital platforms like Google reviews, Airbnb Reviews, RSS, Yammer, Slack, Yelp reviews, etc.  

Taggbox also lets you curate content using elements like hashtags, handles, profile, channel, pages, business ID, business listing, groups, tags, mentions, and much more. 

3. Personalized UGC Campaign Creation

Just curating the user-generated content from different platforms might not fulfill the brand’s intended purpose for the UGC campaign as the content is hugely vague & does not have an agenda yet. 

So, when you curate content into your UGC feed, the UGC platform will give you the power to customize & personalize the content to make it more purposeful, relevant, aligned, and goal-driven. 

To achieve this, you get features like customization of campaigns through themes, designs, styles, banners, announcements, layouts, etc. Along with that, you can moderate what content you want to show & what you want to remove from your UGC campaign. 

Besides that, you also get features like real-time automatic content updates to your UGC campaign, hassle-free campaign management, add promotional branded posts, add sponsored posts, ticker, etc. 

4. UGC Rights Management

The biggest challenge with user-generated content that you might face is relating to the rightful repurposing of user-generated content as privacy & content security are massive concerns for users. 

With a UGC platform, you can easily manage user-generated content rights by asking users directly for the rights to use their content in your UGC marketing campaigns. 

The rights management process is easy and you can tailor each rights request for every user. Also, the approval process is easy with one-click approval from users. 

So, this will help in the rightful repurposing of UGC that will help you build a strong reputation, relationship management, loyal audience, and hub of owned content. 

5. UGC Campaigns Across Channels

What a powerful & multifunctional UGC platform will offer is the ability to distribute & activate your campaign across diverse marketing & communication channels from one platform. 

Using the UGC platform, once you create your campaign then you can embed the UGC feed on your website or landing pages to engage users & drive SEO performance & traffic to your website. 

You can display the customized UGC campaign in your live events or digital events using any digital screens & devices. Also, take your UGC campaign outdoors with digital signages or digital outdoor display advertising. 

Besides, you also get the option to integrate UGC in your email marketing campaigns or digital ads to improve click-through rates & open rates. 

6. UGC Campaign Magnification Possibilities

Beyond all the features and functionalities that we have discussed above, there are many more possibilities that you can explore for your UGC campaign magnification. 

For example - you can leverage the shoppable UGC posts that let you turn the UGC posts into shoppable posts so that the users can buy the showcased products directly from the shoppable UGC feed. 

Besides, you can use the API access to customize and personalize your UGC campaign with limitless possibilities to make it more relatable, relevant, and result-driven. 


Content marketing has been in existence for a long time but the emergence of UGC marketing has changed the marketing ecosystem immensely. 

With benefits like brand’s trust-building, brand reach & awareness expansion, enhancing credibility & advocacy, organic marketing through eWOM, unmatchable audience engagement & participation, etc. UGC marketing is the future of result-driven future marketing. 

The possibilities that we have listed for a UGC platform will help you achieve all the aforementioned benefits and much more leading to better conversion rates, improved marketing performance, and greater revenue generation opportunities.