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Debunking myths around Indian shoppers: Here’s how India shops

Online Shopping has become a rage among every fashionista.

Online Shopping has become a rage among every fashionista. The online portal extends its arms to clothes, gadgets, travel, jewellery, home décor, automobile, and everything you can possibly think! One can shop from the comfort of their home while resting on their bed. Technology has enabled convenience and has become a driving force in online retail business.

However, there are a lot of people who are apprehensive about shopping online and we are here to dispel the myths surrounding the online marketplace. India is developing and the e-commerce world is the next big leap in the internet ecosystem. Online shopping is completely safe, reliable, convenient, and often offers best deals that are hard to find in a store.

Let’s look at the myths surrounding the online world

Myth 1 – Online Shopping is Not Secure

One of the biggest reasons some people refrain from shopping online is the lack of trust vis-à-vis security and money. It is imperative to shop from online stores that use a secure payment gateway, and have a SSL certificate. Rest assured online shopping is completely safe. Leading e-commerce websites are secure and most of them offer money back guarantee if you don’t like the product. Amazing, isn’t it?

Myth 2 – It’s hard to return or exchange products online

Simply put – No, it’s not. Online shopping experience depends on the e-commerce website and most of them have a 30-day exchange, return or money back guarantee. It is completely in line with the psyche of a buyer and there are hardly any instances where a product might be refused to be exchanged. Online stores understand that returns might be a worry for their customers and that is why they make returns as seamless as possible. Moreover, some trusted online jewellery shopping stores like CaratLane.com offer a lifetime exchange on their products. Dreamy, right?

Myth 3 – Product Originality

It is natural for people to expect a certain quality of the product they are buying. The significance of originality is huge and it is often the apprehension in the minds of people. Established e-commerce giants offer original products when it comes to fashion, tech, and more. However, when it comes to sensitive products like jewellery, only certain stores offer 100% certified jewellery. Online stores like CaratLane.com are a mark of originality and their products are certified by third party labs like BIS, GIA, IGI and HRD.

Myth 4 – Online Shopping requires Credit Cards

This is one of the biggest misconception in the minds of the buyers that online shopping requires credit cards. It is not true and most buyers are misguided by several facts. Most e-commerce stores offer multiple payment options like debit cards, online transfers, cash on delivery and more. Certain stores even offer Cheque or cash deposits and western union money transfer.

Myth 5 –Online Retailers are not credible

It is true that the internet is filled with fraudsters and con artists but it is quite easy to figure out if you’re being taken for a ride or if they retailer is indeed reliable and credible. However, there are ways to check the credibility of an e-commerce store if you are feeling it can be a fishy affair.

• A Google search about the retailer will give you the required information about the store. The more results, the better your bias can be!

• An established social media profile is a good sign and chances are that the store is reliable.

• Read the terms and conditions to see if there is any information about the returns, exchange and how the retailer will use your information.

• When entering payment details, if the site is secured by a security layer, it will show a padlock in the browser bar. All payments must be encrypted to provide maximum security.

Although, online shopping is relatively new, it offers ample amount of benefits over offline shopping. Firstly, the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home is highly underrated unless you try and shop for the first time. The prices are better and highly competitive than your neighborhood store. You also get more variety, and cut down your travel expense by shopping online.

So if you are still not convinced about shopping online, we suggest you give it a try and we are sure you won’t be looking elsewhere.


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