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Muskaan-Spreading Smiles

How it all started

This article is about my project 'Muskaan-Spread the smile'. I was undergoing the life transformational trainings through Landmark Worldwide. 

I always had the thought to give something back to society and Landmark Forum connected me with my innerself and We started Project Muskaan. under this project, we collect old stuff including clothes, books, toys, footwears, bedsheets and blankets etc and give it to needy people specially, masons working in construction sites or in slums. With this project we learnt two things:

1. People are ready to help but need someone to take lead

2. There is extra unused stuff lying in some corners of our houses and there are people who badly need it and someone has to bridge this gap.

there are more and more people connecting with us in this project and we have touched multiple lives. we are a team of working Moms

Life was complete with work life balance untill this project crossed our mind. we are expanding as human beings by connecting with other humanbeings. Each passing day is a reminder that we are capable of much more than what we assume. The real happiness is in spreading the smiles around..


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