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Dialogues: A cafe for dreamers

A social place where entrepreneurs consume for free and pay for time 

Dialogues is a social space in Kormangala, Bangalore with the innovative model where we unite the dreamers, entrepreneurs, artists, book lovers, cultured people at a pricing concept rarely heard before. Customers just pay for the time and they consume everything for free. Our free offerings include high speed wifi, large spread of beverages and snacks. Dialogues is a place where you will wish to spend your time between books, beautiful trees, energizing coffee and a very interesting decor self designed by the founders of Dialogues. Dialogues innovate in every aspect where they mix unique pricing concept with beautiful aesthetics and quality offerings any dreamer would aspire for. Dialogues is a place one would love to go and be oneself. It is indeed an unhurried, calm place away from hustle bustle of Bangalore city life.

Dialogues promises a varied blackboard menu with coffee, tea, snacks, cereals, cookies, muffins which can all be consumed for free. Entrepreneurs will also love the high speed internet probably the best in Bangalore. The pricing is also very attractive where you pay for 190 rupees for an hour and later pay 3 rupees for a minute.

Dialogues also boasts of a board room facility which can be availed for a cost which is very competitive compared to the localhood of Kormangala. We also host lots of events, given the large carpet area of Dialogues.

The place is strategically located at 100 ft. road near Ooty Chocolates. 

If you have not been there, rush immediately because #dialoguesmatter.