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Web Development

A short introduction to making websites

Web Development

Web development in simple words means making a website. Websites are a set of webpages which are hosted on the internet.

Websites are essential for any businesses. For entrepreneurs and startups , a good website may ensure a good path to success whereas a not so interactive website might hamper clients and probable business partners.

What technologies are used in making websites? Basically, all web pages are made through an interactive and simple programming language called HTML which stands for hypertext markup language. The latest version is HTML5.

Html doesn’t require any specific software for execution. What it needs is notepad and a browser. It is very easy to learn basic HTML programming and anyone can program effectively. Since modern websites are becoming more and more interactive towards the users, two supportive languages called CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and JS(JavaScript) are used.CSS is used for specifying the layout of the website including margins,fonts,colors etc. JavaScript gives a website the necessary processing power .Suppose your website requires validation of users, javascript can be used to allow access to legit users only.

If you plan to create a database of your website users, you may employ PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) to support a database.

All these above languages go hand in hand with HTML to create interactive and interesting websites.

We have seen about the languages that are used to make a website. But what makes a website a success and popular among internet users? Read the following points to find out!

1. Simplicity:

Yes, a website should be as simple as possible to view and navigate. Creating a complex website will just create confusion among the users and chances are that the user won’t be able to view the complete contents of the website as the user feels difficult and not worth the time in doing so.Remember this, 

“Simplicity is the best policy.”

2.A soothing theme:

A soothing theme will interest the user in spending more time viewing and interacting with your website. Plus,it will appear calm to the viewer’s eyes.People who have a history with seizures relating to flashing colors on the screen will especially find a soothing theme a boon.


Time and again the word ‘interactive’ finds many references in this article. That is due to the importance it carries for a website. Decide this, would you like plain non appealing text on your site or some animations, transitions and buttons that ease in navigation ? Which would appear easier? Of course, the latter. Before making a website design a layout and design of the interactive content that your website would provide.

4.Concise and comprehendible content:

Design the website keeping the lay man in mind.The target is to achieve the maximum audience.Adhering to this, the content should be short but self explanatory.Use of hi-fi language will only attract linguists to the page.

Keeping all the above points in mind , one should be able to design a good website for his/her personal use or business.Before ending, here are some useful websites that will help you in web development.



So if you are a student,entrepreneur or just a professional,try creating a website and all the best for your attempt.


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