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5 Hints to Create an Excellent Cover Letter

Job application is always stressful. You do not know whether your experience is enough, whether your skills meet the demands, and whether you have chosen a proper photo to attract the attention of human resource team. You hesitate whenever you do, and you cannot be even sure that the manager will open your application and check your CV

According to NFIB statistics, 45% of businesses state that they have problems with finding applicants who suit their demands. These numbers are quite impressive. How can prove that you are the best candidate for the position? The answer is simple. You just need to attach a cover letter to your CV that will help you get a job of your dream.

In the cover letter, you will be able to point out details and information that is more applicable to the certain position that is indicated in your CV. Besides, cover letter will help you stand out from other applicants and demonstrate that you are serious about taking this job.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to make the most out of your cover letter and how to create in such way it benefits your career.

Tell new information

When writing a cover letter you should always remember the main rule – never repeat the information that you wrote in your CV. Of course, you may indicate some points, but you should dwell upon them in details.

It will be a huge mistake to write again about your educations or the companies where you worked. The cover letter should always expand the information from your resume and explain how this can be used for taking a certain position.

Focus on your achievements

The best way to persuade the recipient that you have enough experience and can really take a certain position is to show what you have already achieved. Showcase the results of your work and make sure that you exemplify how the company grew from your actions.

Do remember that 30% of all positions are up to active job seekers, and the level of competition is high enough here. By your achievements, you can prove that the company really needs such a person like you, so be as detailed as possible with this step.

Tell what company will get by hiring you

Did you know that only 2% of applicants will be invited to the interview? So how to become one of them? In a cover letter, you should explain to the recruiter or manager why a company needs you to take this position. Perhaps, you have some particular skills or experience in this field, or you know how to improve the overall results of the company or build a better in-team communication. Do not hesitate to show and share your experience, and in this way, you will get the desired invitation to the interview.

Show that you have learned the company

The recruiter or the manager will appreciate if you show that you apply to the position not only because you are looking for a job, but because you know the company and want to work for it. Demonstrate in your cover letter that you have been following the results of the company or at least know the niche of their business. It will also be nice to show how your knowledge and experience can be applied in the field where the company works.

Mind the formatting and lengths

It will be a huge mistake to write a long cover letter trying to tell everything about you. This attachment must be short enough but well-structured and informative. Make sure that you have divided in into passages, and your sentences are short enough to be easily read.

A great idea will be break cover letter into passages according to the messages that each passage has. For example, separate your achievements from what you know about the company. If you have decided to include and describe several achievements, separate them into passages as well.

A cover letter is perhaps the easiest tool that will help you to reach the company. The recruiting team receives a huge number of resumes every day, and they always pay attention to the applicants who made a move and wrote the cover letter.

Do remember to follow our tips and recommendations how to create an excellent cover letter, and you will definitely get more responses to your applications. Just keep in mind that if you apply for different positions in different companies, you are to write different cover letters as the demands to the applicants are always different. Good luck with your application!