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How Inksedge is changing the way you invite people

An E-card is apparently a postcard that it is formed using digital media instead of conventional or other traditional materials. 

The internet revolution which started in 1990’s has changed the way we think, the way we act and communicate. Gone are the days when communication used to take place through couriers or postal services. Today, we use emails and chat rooms to instantly connect with anyone across the world. Information Technology has optimized the way we do everything- including social interactions, business correspondences, personal development and sending personalized greeting cards electronically through e-cards is no exception to it.

An E-card is apparently a postcard that it is formed using digital media instead of conventional or other traditional materials. These electronic cards or e-cards are transferred using the digital platform and can be sent through email addresses, social media platforms. When you send a professionally branded and designed e-card, it can create a memorable experience that will bring clients or prospects back to you.

An animated e-card uses short 15-20 second animations to send the message. Many businesses rely heavily on them as a part of their promotional, relationship-building and marketing campaigns. Such cards are elegant and cheerful and creates an everlasting impact on the recipient. One such relevant and best example of it is: Inksedge. They provide personal touch to their communications using animated e-cards with the following benefits-

Easily customizable/ personalized- E-cards range in an array of categories and are highly customizable to meet the consumer needs. They can include occasion-wise greetings, personal messages, marriage cards and so on. The options are endless when it comes to adding personal touch to the animated cards.

Animated cards tell you a story with a happy ending and full of surprises- Animated cards are creative, artistic and craft an impact on the recipient. 

They have understandable, everyday stories for content and a touch of perfect world- Animated cards serve the purpose, and has the ability to connect to the occasion in an informal manner. The ability to embed one’s personal pictures make them highly personalized and gives a perfect touch to the recipient. They provide warmth and increase the understanding and affinity for one another -

It gives the recipient real pleasure- The aesthetics of greeting cards is a universal solution to share with people regardless of their emotional state to communicate. The recipient gets real pleasure as the cards are designed considering the preferences and choices of recipient in mind.

Helps overcome psychological barriers- Sending personalized and animated cards builds good rapport between the recipient and the sender and overcomes the psychological barriers to communication. Animated cards sent on birthdays to clients establishes great networks in business.

Creates positive impact- Send moving greeting cards, and the world smiles back. E-cards create the effect that the recipient will be remembered very positively. It has an everlasting impact.

Low on budget-With a fraction of the cost of a standard greeting card, animated greeting cards cut the cost dramatically and you will have the opportunity to send as many cards as you want all at once, almost instantaneously. One can also get immediate feedback about the particular cards sent.

Environment-friendly- They are also great alternatives to paper cards as they allow companies to decrease the consumption of paper and adopt an environment-friendly approach as no recycling of cards is required.

Inksedge e-cards - provide a personal touch in this electronic world through animated e-cards

Better event/logistics management through RSVPs for events - save food, plan logistics better when people respond with RSVPs to e-cards. Socially viable - Treasure people's comments / blessings years after the event.


You can schedule an invite now and send later

Add guests later even after you place the order and have sent out emails to partial guests list

Can edit the cards design

For invitations - People can RSVP so you know how many folks will attend/ you can better manage cost of your event and logistics

People can comment and leave their blessings on the card

You can come back years later to treasure those memories 

Hence, animated cards are a great way to generate personal touch and create a long-lasting impact on the recipient. So, next time, save money and prefer animated cards!


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