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How to obtain FSSAI license in India?

The prime motive of government for launching FSSAI license is to ensure the quality of the product, reducing adulteration, improve the standard of product and improve accountability of manufacturers.

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FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. Every food business requires a license from the authority to conduct the business activity. It is mandatory for all manufacturing units, distribution unit and also for restaurants, street food vendors. It is applicable irrespective of the turnover of the business. Every small, medium and large-scale operator need to apply for the license. The food operators engage in the business should obtain the 14-digit registration or license number printed on the package of the product.

The prime motive of government for launching FSSAI License is to ensure the quality of the product, reducing adulteration, improve the standard of product and improve accountability of manufacturers. There are three basic categories of Food License:

1. Basic License

2. State License

3. Central License

Why is Food Business Operator requiring License?

There are various reasons why FBO’s can apply for License:

• For protecting health and safety of consumers on consumption of their product.

• The license can boost the business as it acts as a marketing tool.

• To provide the best quality of food for the people and restrict from statutory requirement of the government.

• Food License is a proof of Ministry of Health which creates an impact on the consumer that the FBO’s are providing the best quality of food.

• When the time comes for the business to go for expansion in different areas or outlets, one can easily do so with the usage of your FSSAI license.

• Moreover, the license can help for raising money from the market for their expansion from banks and other financial institutions.

• FSSAI Logo can also be used in the menu cards & pamphlets to make publicity your food’s superior quality over others etc.

Services which requires the Food License

A Food business is engaged in manufacturing, packaging, storing or distributing food and import, & processing. It also offers the following types of services:

• Restaurants

• Catering Services

• Bakery

• Sweet shop

• Cafe

• Warehouse

• Homemade Food Business such as homemade chocolates, homemade pickles, jams, etc.

• Food Truck

• Food Tech etc.

There are various rules and regulation to be fulfilled by the FBO’s to obtain a license from the authority for selling their product in the market.

Penalty & Offences under FSSAI regulation:

Validity and renewal:

The FBO’s can take a license for minimum 1 Year and maximum 5 years. According to the demand and supply of the product, the FBO’s can apply for the License. For small vendors and start-up, it is good to have a Basic License and once the business is expanding then they can go for State/Central License.

For FSSAI License Renewal, the FBO’s need to apply 30 days prior to the expiration of the validity of the existing license. If FBO’s fails to take license before this time frame they need to pay penalty for it. Therefore, it is advisable to renew the License in time.


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