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Ample scopes for B. Sc Biotechnology graduates

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Biotechnology is a newly evolved branch which studies the intersection of biology and technology. This branch and its research studies lead to a wide array of new products that are developed to enrich the lives and make the modern lifestyle easier. The research studies of this particular branch are applied in various industries, staring from the vaccine production to the genetic modification of plants and animals. So, biotechnology as a new branch for higher studies is rapidly growing, and accordingly numerous job opportunities are recorded that promises a great career scope for the graduates. These graduates can find career options in various industries such as agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical companies and so on. This is why a huge number of students are pursuing this course program, with the hope of sketching a successful career graph.

If you are one among those aspiring students who want to learn something new and innovative in order to contribute for the positive development of the society, then you should pursue this program as offered by the reputed institutes in the country like. In terms of job opportunities, there are numerous areas where you can contribute your knowledge and skill sets. Some of these fields are discussed below that will help you to understand the scope of this branch better.

Research Associate

This is an interesting career option, especially if you have passion and interest in research and development. Being a Research Associate, you will carry out several experiments for a specific field under the guidance of established scientists, which will enhance the modern lifestyle. Further, with gained experience, you will be promoted as a Research scientist and you will be working for special projects that are generally initiated and funded by the government.

Lab Technician

Being a Lab technician you are required to collect, operate and maintain the lab equipments. In addition to that, you can assist the research scientists in observing the experiments and also maintaining the records and results of the experiments conducted.

Sales Representative

As the medicines and vaccines are continuously developing, it is essential to have professionals like Sales Representative. Being a Sales Representative, you are supposed to work with doctors, hospitals, pharmacists and so forth in order to keep them aware of the facts like the latest offering of biotechnology for the healthcare organizations.


Being Biotechnology Marketing Manager, you will have to manage and arrange campaigns focusing at a particular customer area with proper strategic plans like promoting, managing the brand and so forth.

Renowned institutes in the country offer upgraded course programs for the aspiring students. All you are required to do is to opt for a specialization subject based on your passion and interest so that you can sketch a successful career graph and meet the demands of the industry.