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Tasty Chocolicious Designer Treats

For us it is totally based on the saying - If you love something, then just go for it. Believe in it and take charge, success will be yours. Never aim for success as your goal because once you trust in yourself and do what you love with complete passion, the dreams are yours !

Concept of "Theme Chocolates"

Innovation is how we describe ourselves. Anyone can be a chocolatier but how does that make you different from the rest? Do you want to be a routine chocolatier or do you want to stand out and say "Hey! Here we are to offer you creativity for the most sinful of sweets which leaves people craving for more?" Started in 2010, and since then shaping up new ideas has been our objective with no looking back since ever. Composing something inside out beautiful, to click taste buds with pleasure, enhance the quality of our products to make it more attractive, to bring that little smile on our client's face, has been our mantra.

We specialize in theme based chocolates and desserts and that's what makes us unique. Our imagination and conceptualization keeps our clients looking for something new in us every time they reach out and hence they enjoy buying from us. Our motive is their happiness and hence doing that special bit for them.

Creating almost anything with chocolate, in unimaginable range of flavors, diverse designs and themes for both chocolates and packaging is what is "Choco House" all about! Kill the mundane set of boxes and chocolates and get hands dirty into new stuff, is the call for today's world. Establish something jaw dropping with your chocolate art, personalize the blend of flavors and themes in a magical way is our foundation.

We span across chocolates, cake pops, chocolate dips, no-bake cakes, puddings, mousse, desserts, cakes, chocolate gulab jamun, swiss rolls, chocolate bouquets, chocolate bowls, chocolate lollies, chocolate cubes, chocolate slices, chocolate puffs, mango halwa, chocolate pasta, beverages, red/white pasta, tandoori specialties to name a few.

We offer all our catalog items in sugar-free for people who are already too sweet and hence have a reduced intake :) ! Themes like games made in chocolate, ice cream parlor made of chocolate, kitchen set, poker set, jungle, emoticons, lover's delight, women's favorite things are examples of how we create themes and how you can connect with us to build your own theme !! Be it any occasion, festival or event, we believe in making it as special for everyone involved in the entire chain of presenting it. Imagine receiving a box on Diwali consisting of chocolate bombs, anaar, diyas and patakha gun with a sweet Happy Diwali message in chocolate !! Imagine receiving a platter of chocolate roses, basket of baby items crafted in chocolate!! Think of receiving a hamper comprising of Santa and his accessories, all made in chocolate !! Just not designs in chocolate, the packaging also will be aligned in the same theme to make it a perfect pack for you to gift !!






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