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Benefits of cloud hosting for business growth

Business applications are on the way to the cloud and the change is faster on than ever before: the shift from traditional software, and client-server models towards the Internet has gained in the last 10 years, resistant to momentum. A look into the future shows that cloud computing will bring in the next decade through mobile devices new opportunities for collaboration regardless of location.

Benefits of cloud hosting for business growth

Friday May 11, 2018,

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eNlight Cloud

eNlight Cloud

The term “cloud” is all the rage. But what exactly does it mean?

Business applications are on the way to the cloud and the change is faster on than ever before: the shift from traditional software and client-server models towards the Internet has gained in the last 10 years, resistant to momentum. A look into the future shows that cloud computing will bring in the next decade through mobile devices new opportunities for collaboration regardless of location.

Life before cloud computing

Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. The required amount and complexity of hardware and software to run business applications is overwhelming. To install, configure, test, run, secure, and updating this a whole team of experts is required.

If these efforts, then apply for dozens or hundreds of applications, it rapidly becomes clear why the big companies do not always find the best IT departments the applications they require. Smaller and medium-sized enterprises as have little chance.

Cloud computing offers a better option

With cloud computing, you rid yourself of these worries, because you manage any hardware or software. This responsibility is assigned to an experienced vendor like salesforce.com. The shared infrastructure corresponds to the offer of a utility: You only pay the required service updates automatically proceed and size changes in each direction are straightforward.

Cloud computing a better way

Cloud-based applications are deployed within days or weeks and they cost less. In a cloud application simply launch a browser, log in to fit the application, and start using the application.

Companies carry applications from all areas in the Cloud from, for example, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), human resources, accounting and many more. Some of the world’s largest companies now run their applications in the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is vital and popular

In the technology industry, everyone is talking about it – and in the economic sector, many are asking the same question: “What is Cloud Computing and the importance of this technology for my business?”

Cloud computing platforms are getting more and more popular. But why is that? What unique advantages does a cloud computing architecture company in light of the current economic situation? And what is cloud computing anyway? So we investigate the cloud computing infrastructure and its impact on areas of critical importance for the IT sector, such as security, investment in infrastructure, the development of business applications, etc.

Many IT departments are faced with the problem of having to spend a lot of your work time with frustrating implementations, maintenance complex and time-consuming updates that have all too often no positive effect on the bottom line of the company. Therefore, more and more IT teams choose to computer technology to work with the cloud to reduce the time that must be spent on activities with a little equivalent. Therefore, the employees of the IT staff have more time to concentrate on strategic tasks that have a greater impact on the business activities.

Cloud computing infrastructure

The fundamentals of cloud computing infrastructure have convinced the managers of IT departments of some of the world’s biggest companies. After initial skepticism, they have to switch to different cloud platforms to experience the fullness of the advantages of cloud computing technology itself.

The cloud computing technology can be much more easily and quickly integrate with your other business applications (both traditional and on the cloud computing infrastructure based software). It does not matter whether they are third-party solutions or in-house developed applications.

Service availability of world-class cloud computing infrastructure can be much better able to scale, provide a complete disaster recovery and impressive uptime.

No hardware or software required

A 100% cloud computing infrastructure The unbeatable advantage of cloud computing technology lies in its simplicity and the fact that much less capital expenditure is required to obtain an operational system.

Faster and less risky implementation with a cloud computing infrastructure you have at a fraction of the time required of an operational system. Months or years of waiting and investing millions before even one user can log in to the new solution, a thing of the past. Your web-based computing applications are available within a few weeks or months, even if extensive customisation or integration are made.

Support profound adaptations

Some IT experts mistakenly assumed that the cloud computing technology is difficult or almost not adjust fully and that it, therefore, is not a good choice for complex businesses. The cloud computing infrastructure not only allows deep customizations and configurations of applications, these adjustments are also maintained even during upgrades. But that’s not all: Web computing is ideally fitted for the maturation of applications to satisfy the evolving demands of your clientele.

Business users with more opportunities

The cloud computing technology enables business users point-and-click customization and builds reports on the fly so that the IT department does not have to stop half of their working time with minor changes and the creation of reports.

Automatic updates without affecting the IT resources cloud computing infrastructures are the solution of a major IT problem: when upgrading to the current and most powerful version of the application must (not available) time and resources are spent to make adjustments and integrations again. In the cloud computing technology, you are not forced to choose between upgrading and maintaining all your invested work, because those customizations and integrations are automatically preserved during upgrades.

What are the benefits of enlight-cloud-hosting?

eNlight cloud operaing system

eNlight cloud operaing system

Cloud computing infrastructures and the Intelligent eNlight cloud platform from ESDS have convinced the CIOs of some of the world’s largest companies. This forward-thinking – but extremely attentive to safety ESDS cloud engineers have checked thoroughly and the value detected that offers cloud computing technology. eNlight offer a comprehensive, flexible platform. Whether it is the large organizations, small businesses or medium-sized companies, the needs of companies of all sizes are met.

Finally, technologies should help to solve business problems and not create new ones. The cloud computing infrastructure also brings significant savings in administrative costs that are 50 percent lower than those incurred in client / server-based software. Let in the following areas with the cloud computing concept save administrative costs; Our cloud allows administrators and business users to perform basic customizations themselves. Reports in real time. It is no wonder that so many CIOs structure their companies on the basis of the new cloud computing infrastructure – eNlight Intelligent cloud computing.