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How music makes you a better entrepreneur...

Wait! This post isn't intended for musicians or for entrepreneurs. It's more about the way you live your life.Guess... musically? Woah! You are so smart :) Read through...


The buzzword in India you get to hear so often these days. Is it just a buzzword? Or some real cornerstone work of reclaiming India's long-lost glory? Although, here you would be reading an entirely different story of entrepreneurship from the perspective of a musician. But still the lines above were worth mentioning and intimidating from numerous perspective.

Below, I would be quoting ten most essential characteristics of a musician. It's up to 'YOU' if you see any correlation with your entrepreneurial instincts or even with the lifestyle and attitude of most successful entrepreneurs. The facts are as follows: 

1. True musicians eat, sleep and breathe music

Music in the Air.

2. It's not about money BUT more about entertaining/serving people

No Caption Required

3. Even the most successful musicians today, once started with bootstrapping

New Song Composed. Who's gonna give it a tune?

4. Self-Improvement is at the core of musicians from any category

Improve yourself untill you learn to believe yourself

5. Feedback plays a severely vital role in repositioning the approach of a musician

Feedback is the fuel that's runs our Engine.

6. Public relationship is at the core of their marketing strategy.

Life at it's WORSE

7. They see 'Music' in everything. No really, I mean it !

Your voice is so Musical <3 

8. 24 Hours are too less for them to practice and improve.


9. They can reach the moon if it provides a promising learning experience.

Damn! That's end of the world!

10. Lastly, introvert in nature. Extrovert when the subject topic is 'MUSIC'

Let's talk about the new music album :p

As I had said earlier, now it's total upon you to look for the correlation between a musician and an entrepreneur. 

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Author's Note : No! I'm not an entrepreneur. I won't refer myself with that term (Coz it takes a lot to become one). But I hope I have enough passion for both Entrepreneurship and Music to offer something to my readers :)