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Diamonds of life...

The story depicts a life of a Doctor...my life...being an entrepreneur, starting your own business when you have no background of family business...The life becomes hell...but to get out of it and to build your own world requires a lot of courage and struggle.

"The idea of winning a doctor's degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle, and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me."

--A very well said quote by Elizabeth Blackwell

Today when I look back all these are points which when connected with each other depict a path of my success....all the points so bright that all the dark memories are drawn away. 

I wanted to become a Doctor and there I started well but my struggle started after my admission to Doctor's degree. I always wanted to become an Engineer but it was my mom's dream to see me as a Doctor which left me with no choice. she was never ready to see me going too far and see today she is with me. though I have spent my life's 14 years....14 unending years without my parents alone....

When I got admission to a degree course in Pune I had no idea that it is just a start. My father being a teacher had very few money to pay as my tuition fees and then only after completing 2 years of studies I started working as an assistant to a doctor. This helped me build a basic experience and gave an advantage over my other class mates. I paid all the fees on my own. Results declared, I passed the exam with First class but now what? My father is not a doctor nor I have money to set up business so fast then what to do next..... This kept in wake for 3 long nights.

Then I realized that this is just a waste of time and if I really want to do something then it is to start working for every second of time. I started my internship at a Government hospital in Pune. This was the season of Swine Flu. It had already took a toll of 39 lives and still counting. earlier having the fear of infection started treating patients with masks, gloves and every other practitioners equipment but soon realized that the life will not stop and the death will not wait till I put on all these jewelries. After 2 days I started it without gloves and masks because patient's life is important than anything else. I met Milind and Arjun in these days and planned out for a hospital on our own.

The basic capital requirement was 50 lacs and it was a hard time collecting this money. We had nothing to keep as security with banks. I remember that for a whole year I was pleading to bank manager for loan. after a years time when we were convinced that for few things you need to do something which is not approved by our moral beliefs, we got loan approved by a bank manager (yeah...you got it right :)). and then started a real hard work. 

I was working as an assistant to a private practitioner at night and during the day time at Government Hospital. For the 6 months when the hospital construction work was in progress I slept only for 1-2 hrs in the night. My schedule was morning 8 to evening 5 in Government hospital, evening 5-8 at construction site, 10 to next morning till 7 at a private hospital. eating wadapav as a breakfast and lunch. walking miles to save money. No entertainment just to save more and more money. 

One night when i was coming back from my duty at private hospital I met with an accident due to lack of sleep. 2 weeks hospitalized but still I was not thinking about health but about the delay in the starting of hospital.

Then started the season of fruits from my hard work. my hospital started,all the loan repaid within 3 years and I bought a flat and a car. Now life is steady. I am married and staying with family after 14 years of loneliness. Now I don't have to get up in night thinking about my bad time. but still struggle for life is unending. Next month there is opening of my new hospital. Throughout this bad time my life has taught me everything for which people attend management schools but I think few stories like this can build in motivation and confidence. Life keeps you grinding but then only It is glorifies more as Diamonds.


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