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Pappu Chaiwala Vs. Café Coffee Day!

Its not about glamour, its about work! (The 80/20 law)

I was drinking tea from Pappu Chaiwala near my home which is probably the most popular in my town Asansol. A middle aged guy (I don’t know his name) was sitting right beside me! Suddenly he started talking with me, we had a “very” long conversation and I felt it to be “very” long when I saw that outside the tent it was all dark! But that dark environment brought the brightest light in my life and I think it would help you too, so sharing this!

We started the conversation with the education system of India and it probably started with that topic because he saw me in college uniform, at least I think so. And it went to the “Startup culture in India”. And I mainly focused on the last part!

According to him, he thought that nowadays guys generally do startup because of two reasons:-

1. It sounds cool to others.

2. For living an attractive & glamorous life with no work.

But the original scenario is totally different; Startup is giving everything you have on an idea that could solve daily problems of people with expecting nothing in return. And where “FAILURE” is your regular customer! And you have to show the same dedication and hard work after building a billion dollar company as you did when you started up, and keeping in mind that there is no rest in business. One of the living examples is Elon Musk, who sleeps in Tesla’s office to save time for work!

Elon Musk

He gave me a great example, he did a comparison between the Pappu chaiwala’s ugly tent and café coffee day’s attractive stores, oh I should have said CCD, its sounds cool to some guys!

He told that sexing your startup won’t generate money; attending conferences, winning awards, speaking at startup events, getting startup hyped PR, having 2,73,000 followers on Twitter, 2,13,000 facebook followers, 1 million app downloads is not an indicator of success. This Pappu Chaiwala is not a startup, has not raised money, but has 70% repeat customers and zero followers on Facebook. It probably has a higher survival rate too because the business owners are focused on sales rather than presenting in front of a bored audience in startup capitals!

According to him, three words that could led you to proper success is 

“Keep Pushing Yourself” or “Keep working hard”

And you should always follow the 80/20 law:-

You should concentrate 80% on building your product and 20% on the additional things!

And all these ended with It’s not about glamour, it’s about work! If you are totally passionate about what you are doing, then you will not require any rest for work! Concentrate more on making your product better as its totally in your hand and don't concentrate on other things as most of them are not in your hand, you cannot do anything if it goes with you or against you! Just WORK!