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Want to know About Secrets of Successful Mobile App Development

Have you ever wondered why apps fails or in the worst case scenario, why they never hit the app stores? What makes the successful app different from the failed ones?

Want to know About Secrets of Successful Mobile App Development

Thursday June 21, 2018,

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App development seems to be an easy, generic and simplistic work, isn’t it? Looking forward to the increasing number of apps and also the companies providing services, of course from the outer side it looks like developing an app is not a big deal. 

Everyone is doing and you can do it as well. Let me give you an eye opener, apps are in plenty but are they all successful? In this overpopulated app development world, the generic thing doesn’t work, it has to something out of the box, something astonishing, eyeball catching or else you better wave bye-bye to your mobile app development idea or better be prepared to wave goodbye to the investment and effort. 

So, which option you want to pick, losing on the idea or the investment? Well, I have a third one as well if you didn’t like the above two. There is always a middle way and allow me to show you that middle way.

Have you ever wondered why apps fail or in the worst case scenario, why they never hit the app stores? What makes the successful app different from the failed ones? There is not one single thing, it’s in the entire process that transforms the failure to success. 

Let me let you in on what goes on behind the development of a successful mobile app. Here is the entire process to following to get a high-quality app store ranking app, check it and define where you are going wrong.

1) Check the intersections

If you are looking forward to some of the top mobile app builders and following their strategies: Red alert. Two companies, their services, their team skills, their client base and every such aspect is different. What worked for them might not work for you, following them blindly is a big hole you are digging for yourself. The preliminary step to app development is to understand business needs, defining your abilities and ultimately matching it up what users exactly demands from you. Check whether the users need and your offerings intersect or not.

2) Don’t breach commitment

To outburst with a successful app, you need to hire one of the best mobile app development company India that stay on their words. Yes, this is one of the crucial steps in the entire app development process. Find a company which stands still on the delivery time, quality assurance, and yes of course cost that won’t bother your pocket.

3) Making the mirror image of the idea

A perfect idea needs perfect execution. The client has a clear vision of what they want, developers should possess the ability to develop the mirror image of the client's app idea to hit success in the app store.

4) Don’t mess at the beginning

Client satisfaction is one of the core competencies for any of the company. The basic procedure to be followed to develop a quality freak and top notch app, getting a correct start is very essential. 

The developer should work on the visuals of the app, its features, and functionality. All of these must be conjoined into a wireframe to give an exact idea of how the app is going to look like. Also keep it open for any suggestion and relevant changes as well.

5) The technical expertise

Once the structure gets approved, the actual work begins. Always, keep the designers and developers in constant communication with the client to keep the designing and development precise. Simple UX and attractive UI, clean coding, strong back-end, data security and flawless navigation are some of the basic essentials to make your app quality rich.

6) Don’t forget the test drive

You don’t buy a car without taking the test drive, right? So, how can you deploy an app without testing it out? You might be the best of the best developer but being overconfident about your work and screwing up the entire time and effort that goes into the development makes no sense, does it? 

So, yes a successful app does require testing not after the development is done but at each level of development. There are two types of testing, manual and automation, both have different benefits and to make your app perfect in every manner, both types of testing must be implemented. Make sure you are serving the users with a buggy app to make them complain and abandon it.

7) Keep it up

The app hit the app store and blimey it is successful e well. What next? By simply sitting and counting the number of downloads isn’t going to help make it maintain the position. App development is a continuous process. Once the app is deployed, rolling out the updates in the timely manner is mandatory to maintain the user base and success rate.

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Mobile app development