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5 commandments to follow for successful mobile app development

Keeping these commandments in mind will help app developers get the idea about how to build a successful mobile app. Follow these and build the app of your dreams!

Developing a mobile application can be a painful, time consuming but highly thrilling experience. The effort, resources, time and planning that goes into launching app can only be topped by the post-launch success of it.

There have been plenty examples of App Development Success Stories such as Uber, Instagram, Slack etc. which has helped build a billion-dollar business. But what makes an app successful? We lay down the important factors that can make or break any mobile application.

Understand your mobile value proposition

One of the most basic, yet important question asked is “Why should anyone download my app?” There are over 5 million apps on Google play store and Apple app store already. Does the app you wish to make offer anything unique? Does it solve a problem that millions of people around the world face? Analyzing the value proposition helps make better business decisions.

Identify key metrics before starting the framework

Target Audience: Clear vision and goals can come only when the target audience is fixed. The target audience can influence the course of the application right from the design stage to the QA Testing.

Platforms: If you are planning to launch the application for one of the few OS platforms then factors like coverage, device support, performance etc. should be considered.

Revenue streams: The app market has seen a boom in the recent years and hence to ensure consistent growth in the revenue the developers need to think about different models. Advertisements, in-app purchases, subscription etc.

Identify common content needs and get your messages written and designed prior to app launch

Multimedia content within the mobile application can really drive the app development success stories. On-boarding manuals, welcome messages all contribute to user retention. Short, crisp and to the print copy should be written whenever possible to make it interesting.

The content part of a mobile app development is very important should not be neglected! Personalized messages are always welcomed by the user who feels important. Pre-defined tags can help identify users who tend to show same behavior throughout their app usage journey.

Identify beta-testers. Listen to their feedback and integrate relevant ones

Once the beta version of an app is out, it is very important to get it tasted because it’s the first time to get feedback from users. Some also hire popular beta testers to improve their visibility on social media and app store. A good beta launch can help provide the marketing push needed before the final launch of the application.

Capture the metrics

Once the app is launched, it is imperative that the developer has made it possible to dig deep into various user data for better experience and service. As the application becomes more popular, making decisions based on metrics will play a key role in making it a true app development success stories.

Conclusion: Keeping these commandments in mind will help app developers get the idea of how to build a successful mobile app. Follow these and build the app of your dreams!


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