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Learn tips to make transactional emails work effectively


Being an owner of an online business, you need to be aware of the transactional emails and why are they required for effective marketing of your business. It can significantly impact your advertising efforts in a significant way. Learning about its concept and working of transactional emails can make your business more effective.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are sent by the companies to their customers on one at a time basis. Any type of transaction when occur while interacting with the application platform, triggers sending of transactional emails to them.

These transactions emails can be of different types such as billing invoices, welcome emails, comment notifications, shipping notices, and renewal requests. To make efficient use of email marketing strategy, read the complete Easy guide to sending bulk mailings available online.

Qualities that are needed to be present in a transaction message

To make the transaction message impactful, it has to have key qualities such as:

• Relevant to a particular interaction or transaction that the recipient had with the website or the application and

• They should not be regularly sent in a bulk like a promotional email

Impact of transactional email on a business

Incredible performance

Transactional emails can prove to be very powerful for a business. According to the research, it has been observed that such emails gather remarkably high unique clicks and open rates.

According to a recent email tracking of the client for the SMTP infographic, transactional email can witness open rates going beyond 100% and unique rates of clicks by more than 17%. The credit for such incredible performance is because of the direct relevance to any recent activity performed by the recipient.

More clicks and higher revenue generation

Transactional messages are sent to the customers of your websites. Each of these transactional messages gives an excellent opportunity to businesses in the promotion of the business. It is important that these emails are in complete compliance and accordance with the CAN SPAM act. This helps in making them effective and successful for a business.

Tips to make transaction emails result oriented

• Make transactional messages more interesting by including varied templates, and different email formats. This leads to an improved visual appearance and increased conversions.

• Increase exposure of audience to the transactional emails by serializing them into a big set of small emails. This would help in boosting revenue by a good percentage.

• Put social media sharing links or buttons inside the email.

• Personalize transactional message by including the name of the recipient in the email message. Cross-selling and personalizing techniques aids in increasing unique clicks and revenues of a business.

• Thank your customers in the emails. Email can be a shipping invoice, renewal notice or welcome text. This simple and courteous way can increase email open and click rates by a significant percentage.

Transaction emails when used effectively can be very influential for efficient marketing of a business. Incorporation of these tips would make these messages more interesting, noticed and opened by the users at high rate. 


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