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Doing business with the federal is much easier with GSA Schedule

the GSA currently manages government real estates and buildings, support to product and service procurement process and develop regulations and policies.

Companies are always willing to do business with federal and government agencies as they are sure of bulk and frequent orders. The Federal is the biggest buyer of goods and services in the world which makes the government market always flooded with contracts and orders.

The GSA schedule role in government procurement

Let’s start with the introduction of GSA or General Service Administration, a government body which was established in 1949. With improvised function till today, the GSA currently manages government real estates and buildings, support to product and service procurement process and develop regulations and policies.

The Schedules under GSA are better known as Multiple Award Schedule with the primary function of streamlining the government purchases. It also leverages the procuring power of the federal government in the process.

It is not necessary to get on the schedule to do trade in the government market

It is not mandatory for a company to get on the GSA schedule to do business with the government. However, some agencies prefer to buy from GSA schedule contract; so this increases the chances of getting the contract with the Schedule.

What is the process to get on the Schedule?

There are hundreds of schedules for thousands of products and services. So, the process begins with finding the suitable schedule and then arranging the documents for the application process. Sometimes, a single product/ service are eligible for more than one schedule where they need to figure out the best suitable is a difficult task.

The consulting firms like Advance GSA which provide help in the entire process of getting on the schedule.

The flexibility of the program

Well, the program does not restrict the company from doing business in the commercial market. The company or firm can perform in the commercial market as well. The Schedule streamlines the selling process for the company and provides other opportunities.

There are workshops, management programs, and they even have set-asides for small sized companies. These additional benefits allow them to grow and flourish much well than alone as a participant in the commercial market.

The tenure of the GSA Schedule

The contract is for a five-year term which can be applied again after the term is completed. The company owner can apply again after the term is over. The owner can also change the schedule if he finds the other schedule much better than the existing one.

What more to find about GSA Schedule

If you are a company owner and willing to do business in the government market, it is better to have clarity on the process of contracting with the Schedule. There are multiple ways to understand and gain information on the process, but be careful to find the most reliable source.

The internet is flooded with information on the topic Btu the till date the most source is the GSA e-library.

The e-library is maintained by the GSA and is updated every week. It has complete information about the status of the Schedules, contracts awarded; companies on the schedule list and detail of the companies itself.

The entrepreneurs who want to know how the other companies are performing in the government market; the most reliable source is the e-library.

Business owners who are willing to do business and expand themselves in the Federal market, then the channel of GSA is a good and reliable way to grow.

Getting the Schedule contract also has other benefits as well. It provides an edge over competitors as the contract means that the company has the potential to do trade with the Federal. so, it has a positive impact on the commercial market as well. 


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