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The law of gestation – why business and success take time?

The law of gestation – why business and success take time?

Wednesday May 09, 2018,

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Have you ever dreamed of achieving something or started a business, worked hard day and night, put in a lot of time and efforts but ended up failing? Have you ever come across the situation where others have made it right at the moment you left? As a top Indian motivational speaker and life coach, I have come across many people facing the similar situations.

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Many people complain that sometimes even after pouring lot of hard work, things seem so difficult that they end up quitting, only to find out that others have made it the moment they quitted. Why does this happen? Why is it that others can do it but you fail? The answer is, the term ‘hard work’ is so overrated that people have started believing it to be the only ingredient required in the recipe of success. It is obvious that you need chicken to make chicken soup but having chicken alone can make the complete dish? When you start something anew - a goal or a business, be receptive that things will take time to grow. To explain this in more detail, I would like to introduce you to a universal law known as ‘The Law of Gestation’. This law is another key ingredient in the recipe of success.

The Law of Gestation  Oxford dictionary defines gestation as “the process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth; or the development of something over a period of time.”

The Law of gestation implies to every aspect of our life. Every business you build, every goal you are striving to achieve, everything – big or small- thing that you are working to make possible takes time to grow and mature before you can finally see the result. It is like planting a tree; you have to start by bedding the seed. The seed will eventually take its own time to grow, all you can do it provide the right environment and water it daily.

The same principle goes for any business or any goal that you are trying to achieve. Do all you can, work hard but you cannot force the result! The result will evolve through its own time. This does not mean that you stop putting the effort, right efforts are equally important but the most important of all is persistence. To be precise, when you start something, keep doing it until it shows the desired results.

I have come across many people who start things with a bang. They believe that working harder will get them the results quickly. But when they don’t get to see the result, the ocean of hard work seems to go in vain and they end up quitting – completely exhausted. Working hard insanely and wanting the results in a short time is like saying, instead of gymming one hour daily for a year, I will gym 16 hours a day and bring the result in a month. The only result you will get is merely the exhaustion of over working out.

Everything takes its own time. Like a cat takes about 65 days to produce a kitten while a human body takes 280 days for reproduction. Can we force a human body to produce a child in one month?

Every business or dream has some gestation period. It can be weeks, it can be months, it can even be years. There is no fixed answer but there is one fix thing and that is – you have to be patient as well as persistent!

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