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Stress and Success are both in the MIND--It is a choice we have to make between the two

Saturday November 05, 2016,

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Children have stopped playing out in the play grounds anymore,they have stopped enjoying their childhood and it is just school,tuitions,homework and bed for them,each day,day after day.Parents have stopped laughing or socializing--the reason is common for them--both are in stress--children are stressed because their parents are stressed and unknowingly passing on their stress to the children,and parents are stressed because they feel that their children are not as stressed or worried as they should be,keeping in mind their impending exams,careers,their future life--so an and so forth.

The result is that we see frustration,anger,irritation,depression everywhere and in nearly everyone,maybe in varying amounts---but all these negative emotions are in all of us. They are like the smog which is seen hanging all over the city, after the crackers had stopped crackling, post Deewali celebrations. WHERE HAS HAPPINESS GONE AND WHY HAS IT DISAPPEARED FROM OUR LIFE SO COMPLETELY? Stress is now an epidemic looming large in all of us, destroying the youth and compelling them to commit suicide,take to drugs and become addicts.It is  preying into the minds of our children. Something should be done instead of just contemplating and discussing these issues. I decided to catch the Bull by the horns.

PARI FOUNDATION a NGO was founded by like-minded people who understood psychology and yearned to see happy children and youth thrive and work happily at whatever they were doing.We applied the tool of CBT--Cognitive Behaviour Therapy where we empowered and taught people,especially youth how to harness and channelize their major energy resource --their thoughts --in the right way ,in the right amount and in the right direction--to get the desired behaviour and result. This tool coupled with self-improvement skills like assertive skills, Resilience .Self-esteem,Will power built up and changing one's perception, works wonders ,and miracles can be achieved.

It is a simple technique--we have to learn how to keep stress at bay and fill our mind with happy thoughts to ensure that we work happily in achieving our goals.The more stress free we are,the better will be the quality of our work and life.Stress destroys our innate skills,our happiness,our motivation,our happiness and the happiness of our near and dear ones.It ruins our health ,it demolishes relationships.It is a parasite ,a scar on our minds!                    

PARI FOUNDATION has worked in hundreds of colleges in UK AND UP and has empowered thousands of youth say NO TO STRESS and lead happy work productive lives.We are rapidly moving into newer horizons.CBT is a life changing therapy which is common for all religions,cultures and countries.These empowered youth are our ambassadors who help us in replicating our model in newer colleges and other hot spot areas where we find students in distress.Our motto is PREVENT STRESS RATHER THAN MANAGE IT. We also advocate that

Happiness is a life style and lies in the journey not in the goal

CSR and Donations from empathetic donors have helped us to inculcate the use of modern technology in our endeavor,where we can access youth in far flung remote areas with skype, chats and video conferencing.E mails and mobiles have been a boon where we counsel the needy.

We are treading there ,where others do not easily venture to set foot in,because of many obstacles like lack of adequate fundings,lack of skills,stigma,beliefs,and many more problems.But our achievements lie not in counting how much we have earned financially,but in how many smiles we have managed to bring back on the sad faces around us.





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