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Other side of currency through medical tourism


Other side of currency through medical tourism.

Medical tourism was reaching its heights by indexing 80 billion dollars of money bringing inside india every year.And the unique treatments like unani,ayurvedha,yoga,sindh,homeopathy and acupunture where mining target. Thats the reason why GST was considering medical tourism in india as the mojor contributer with 30-40 percent of tourism revenue.

Countries like srilanka,pakisthan,afghanisthan,nepal,bangladesh depend on India for high priced medical services as their countries have less grade services.And higher currency valued countries like U.S.A,Europe,London and russia are even spoted india for medical tourism as target because India charge only one-tenth of the price they charge in thier countries where the quality remain the same.Key treatments these countries are in need are hear surgeries,hip replacement,bone marrow transplantation etc.

The reason medical tourism becoming centre of the strom of GST is 50k doctors are produced yearly where half of them contribute the unique medical tourism feild so steps which motivate them to be strong to build foreign customers is on the top of the pyramid.

Comunities say this may increase the cost of health care for the locals and point it as a bitter step in GST and further places like karnataka ,kerala and west bengal are even in agetaions to stop it.

Best medical tourism providers like satvameditour,tourindia,inditour strongly stand on the point that it surges the inflow of money to India and be a power handshake for the nation.

The basic agenda of opposition is just to point the government and medical organisations point was ,digitalization kills the normal medical dealers.

So,to request a bargain from the government they play a mass game.Where it was never counted.