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Inxchan is providing unique volunteering in Nepal opportunity.

A humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous journey

Traveling the world is on every one to do list. Now a days, people are looking for meaningful travel trip which include humanitarian work as well as exploring the country. People are willing to give their assistance/support to local charities and to visit local places rather than being on expensive touristic areas. Learning about local cultures, people, food are the things people are more excited to look into. There are always different reasons for traveling like to find passion, to be more independent, to research about different cultures, for job, for charity, to challenge yourself and many more.

After 5 year of experience with charities and volunteering, Sujan Pariyar have started inxchan.com to provide humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous journey to participant. Inxchan means New Beginning of Life. This is an opportunity specially focused for people who are looking to do something different and meaningful. Inxchan provide you a two weeks humanitarian, spiritual and adventurous experience, which includes supporting at a local children’s home, sponsoring vulnerable rural children with education, learning about local handicrafts like hammock, bags, crystal necklace, Nepali language and local food classes, living in a monastery, learning to meditate and about Buddhism to find yourself, teaching monks English, hiking in mountains, exploring cultural heritage sites, exploring caves, boating and the program ends with Paragliding.

Inxchan strongly focus on giving back. With your participation, you are directly supporting local children and monk’s education, food, shelter, medical and supporting their daily works. If you are social worker / international relation student this organization will also provide you internship opportunity.

Take advantage of your gap year or vacation with inxchan.com, visit beautiful Nepal and support the country. Nepal has always been one of the famous destination for traveling. The highest mountain, beautiful landscape of Nepal will provide you thrilling view of nature.

Image credit : Micheal  Foley


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