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Mentors! Have you missed on this?


Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets the good life

IMAGINE for a second, How much more successful you would be, If you just started a company, 50:50 with Bill Gates as your business partner, and he was using every trick of the trade he used to build Microsoft into the biggest companies of the world. IMAGINE, How much more money you would have in your bank account, If Warren Buffet was teaching you how to invest, showing you how he used to build Berkshire Hathaway into a $140 billion company. IMAGINE, how much happier you would be today, if Dalai Lama was your personal guide.

Mentors have that power, to do this in your life. I think everybody recognizes the importance of a role model in their life. Mentors are powerful in their ability to transform your lives.

I met my mentor after a lot of searching and meeting hundreds of people over the years. It was just a coincidence that I came in contact with this man - Pralhad Bellubbi. An amazing person who has the magical power to get connected in an instant. The moment he started talking, I realized that I needed him in my life, to solve a lot of problems for me, to make my life much much better and be successful.

I called him up the next day and asked for an appointment, not aware of what I was gonna talk to him. I just knew that he was the role model I was looking for all this while. When I put my side of the story to him, he was like “You know what Alok, I was looking for someone like you for 20 years. Show up in the morning and I will tell you what I know.

And sure enough, he did show me and started to mentor me on Business, and now I am now the founder of Think StartUp. Learning new things day in, day out. And I have continued on my path, travelling, finding Mentors.

Alexander the great had Aristotle, Bill gates had Paul Alan, Warren Buffet had Benjamin Graham. There’s something here most of us have missed out on. Go, reach out to your role models, write to them and trust me, they do respond back. People remember their struggle and are keen to reach out and help you too.

Find a Mentor, No matter if you are just starting out or you are already experienced, there;s always someone to learn from.


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