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Chai to an IDEA

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Wednesday May 10, 2017,

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Each dream starts with an idea. No one knows how the idea might turn out to be, good maybe just fine or worse. I had one during a normal day while sitting and sipping my tea at the chaiwala watching random cars and strangers walk past me. And as if I was Archimedes I has a eureka moment. That one moment filled my body with a great rush of adrenaline and I felt like this is it.The idea was as simple as making an app to supply tea to different places. 

But how? 
I researched day and night., shared my idea with a lot of people and yes like everyone would think that I was a mad person putting my job aside for an idea which was impossible to put in execution in India. They said that because of obvious reasons because I told them I would make the chaiwalas use the app and supply tea to their customers. I knew it would be difficult but I put my best efforts to make it happen. And today I am here, making things which seemed impossible, real.