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How to Install and Flash a custom rom on Android phone

Every Android Smartphone out there, comes pre-loaded with a ROM (Operating System) from the company that makes and sells the phone...These ROM's are known as Stock ROM's and give us just the basic features of what an android phone really possess.

Custom ROM's for Android Phones

Every Android Smartphone out there, comes pre-loaded with a ROM (Operating System) from the company that makes and sells the phone...These ROM's are known as Stock ROM's and give us just the basic features of what an android phone really possess.

Now there are coders and developers out there who have dedicated their spare time to the development of custom ROM's with unbelievable and amazing features which the people who are used to using the stock ROM's would never even have dreamed of being possible..

Installing a custom Rom now-a-days can be done easily.

The Android operating system is based on the LInux operating system.

It was started by Google and is an open source OS, there-by allowing developers to modify it however they may desire to do.

From creating unbelievable apps which allow you to do amazing stuff to recreating the entire OS itself (Custom Rom)!

In order to create a custom ROM, you need to possess a deep understanding of coding and have good experience as a programmer , but most importantly you need to have creativity cause in the end people want to see something new, fresh and amazing...

I will now go on to explain to you how you can install these custom ROM's on your Android Phone..

Oh and another term used to developers and well all those experienced in android phone, for installing custom ROM's is " Flashing a custom ROM"...

Pre-Requisists For Installing a Custom ROM on Android

Before play baccarat online you start flashing your Android Smartphone with a custom ROM, there are a few very important thing that you need to do:

Root your phone: In order to flash a custom ROM, your phone must be rooted!! The method to root a phone depends on the maker of your phone and each phone model has a different method of being rooted...Just run a quick Google search on how to root your phone and you should get a solution immediately...If you have a Galaxy Ace, well then your lucky cause I have a blog on how to root it, just follow this link: Galaxy Ace. For any other phone just run a quick search on Google.

Install CWM: ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) is a recovery mode that substitutes the recovery mode that comes with your phone...This recovery mode comes with a lot more features, it allows you to partition your memory card, wipe the dalvik cache, clear your battery stats and a lot more. But the most important feature is that it allows you to install a .zip file from your SD card...All custom ROM's are saved as .zip files...

Battery: You need to charge your battery to at least a minimum 75% before you begin flashing a new ROM.

And last and finally you need to download the custom ROM that you want to flsh and place it in your SD card(external memory card). An important thing here is that you do no unzip the file!You can find custom ROM's for practically any Android phone on the internet, just run a quick Google search and download the file..if you happen to possess a Galaxy Ace then you can find a couple of ROM's on the link I'v posted above..

How to Install A Custom ROM on Android

Follow these instructions carefully and properly whilst flashing your Android Phone with a Custom ROM:

Reboot\ Restart your Android phone in recovery mode by pressing the home button and power button, this might differ from phone to phone so in case it doesn't work just check it up in Google...Your phone should now be in recovery mode i.e CWM Recovery mode..

Now in the Recovery mode use the volume buttons to scroll up and down and the menu button to select your options..

To start off, select the " wipe data/ factory reset " option...

Next off, wipe the cache partition.

Now go to the advanced option and select " wipe dalvik cache "..

You are nearly done now..

Use the back key and go back to the main screen of CWM Recovery and select " Install zip from SD Card "...

Now select the .zip file i.e your custom ROM and confirm the installation..

it should take a couple of minutes to install the ROM depending on it's size..

Once it's done you should get a confirmation message..

Now go back and select reboot\ restart phone..

The first boot up will take a couple of minutes so don't worry or get scared if it takes a while to start..

You are now done! You've officially installed a custom ROM on your Android phone!

For any clarifications, details and well anything, leave a comment in the comments section and I shall get back to you immediately..

Unroot your Android Phone :

After rooting your Android Phone, you would like to return your phone back to it's original state.if for any reason say, like you wanna get your warranty back..

Well there's some good news for you.

You can just as easily as you would root your android phone, you can now unroot your android phone as well..