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5 non-traditional style wedding bouquet


Nobody can deny that flowers are the perfect match for the wedding from which you can make your day like wedding or ring ceremony special and memorable. Decorating your special day with flowers have become common nowadays, hence you want to make it something unique in a different way. Then opting alternate of fresh flowers may be a good decision. You might be thinking what these alternatives are. Here in the article, we are going to reveal the suspense just scroll down the article to know which can add grace to your occasion.

Brooch Bouquets

Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Although the bouquets may be a little expensive than traditional flowers, they are beautiful more than your thought. You would love them after your day has been and gone. Basically, the trend has come from Ireland and now it has become renowned. The best part about this sort of stylish bouquet is that you can create your own including brooches, then you can gift it to your loved ones to make her feel special. This is the great way to make your dream day more than special as brooch bouquet is a perfect addition to your wedding theme.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers from Pinterest

You can go for paper flower– a trendy and new way to gift someone that is the perfect choice for eco brides  and groom as well who want something that can add a charm to their big day and can use for longer. The customized artificial flowers are easy to make which are not much expensive. They will always be fresh. Paper flowers also permit to get personal, no matter you use old love letters, your favorite books, music sheets of your song. You have numerous ways to make your day meaningful and unforgettable. In order to create such bouquets, you need to have colored papers matching with your wedding premise theme or your dress. This way you not only make your wedding day special, but you necessitate people to say whoa!.

Crafty Bouquets

There are several things from which you can create your own crafty bouquet that may be badges, buttons and even stickers. Anything can happen when it comes to putting your own stamp while making alternate of a flower bouquet. You can incorporate pretty many things into your bouquet which would look elegant and classy and also add extra charm to your occasion.


Seashell Bouquet

If you are planning a beach wedding or a beach-themed anniversary or reception, a seashell bouquet can be quite beautiful. In order to create a wonderful bridal bouquet, go and find some beautiful seashells or you can purchase shells from your nearby local craft stores. These shells may be of starfish and sand dollars.


There are lots of unique ways to utilize fabric for a non-traditional bridal bouquet. In order to make your wedding or reception party stunning, try to have burlap flowers. You can also use ribbon to create rosettes and can also create a bunch out of those. There are plenty of items you can have as ascents for these fabric flowers lime as buttons, brooches, and pearls. Another approach to utilizing fabric is to have crochet flowers made and amassed them together for your lovely bouquet. A fabulous way to pay tribute to your crafty side to put an actual yarn ball at the end of a tiny branch for a kind of yarn flower and create several of these into a bouquet

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time and generate ideas to celebrate your big day in a different and unique way with a classic bridal bouquet that would make your beloved feel romantic and this will surely be the tremendous moment of your life ever.


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