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How to find innovative topics ideas for your next blog

3 easy ways to find content ideas for your next blog.

Blogging is a productive hobby. It not only helps the bloggers to spend spare time in writing but also helps them to monetize their hobby.

While starting a new website, newbie bloggers usually have some good content ideas to post but as the time pass; it becomes difficult for them to find innovative topics that can drive traffic.

If you're fed up and tired of brainstorming for finding new content ideas, then I'll show you how you can find amazing topics for your upcoming blog posts in order to attract and engage your blog traffic.


Find topics from your own Blogs

It is obvious that you've already written and published some blog posts in your website. What you need is to explore your previously published contents and pick one that receives more traffic than other contents.

Thoroughly read your article and find points that need more detail. For instance: if you've written a blog on how to increase your blog traffic, then obviously you've shared several tips and tricks for blog visitors. Let’s say, you mentioned 5 tricks in your blog and briefly explained that points.

Now, choose one tip that need to be elaborated bit in detail. Make catchy blog title and start writing on your upcoming content.

There are several benefits of this trick. For example: this technique will help you to decrease your bounce rate because website visitors will stay longer at your blog and read more topics that attract them.

Furthermore, finding topics from your own blog posts will increase your internal linking. In fact, this is what major SEO Companies do. 

Get Ideas form Answering Sites

There is another method through which you can find amazing topics for your next blog post. You may already have heard about some answering sites that help the people ask questions and get expert answers online.

Quora and Yahoo answering are the best sites to find blog post ideas.

All you need is to go to that sites and signup with your email. Alternatively you can also signup these sites using your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn IDs.

Once joined, you will see several questions posted on the home page of these sites. Explore some questions that seem to be related with your blog niche. Open that questions and read answers of the experts.

If you feel that these answers are not adequate and difficult to understand, then write a blog post on it and answer that question in well manner. This is a good technique to attract new traffic toward your blog.

Find Topics through News Aggregating Sites

There are some sites like alltop.com, flipboard and news360 where you can get content ideas for your next blog. Simply, visit these sites and you will get hundreds of topic ideas. You can also visit following other sites or through smart phone applications such as

Google Play Newsstand

Bing News

Smart News

Pick specific topics, make your editorial calendar and start writing blog posts for your website. Hope, these tips will help you to find new blog post ideas easily. 


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