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Why School ERP selling working now!!!

Better and positive insight in school selling

When we launched our company in April, 2012 with a hope that we few years our www.vedantaschoolERP.com would be running in 80% of school but it did not take year for us to realize that it not a easy ball game. There are several people out there providing the reason why it not possible to sell in school. But, Today I am going to give a positive insight why it would work now :) .. 

So lets spend just 5 mins and understand the reason for ERP success. 

1. Digital India promotion by the govt. ..  After a struggle of almost year & a half when I visited the Sarawati bal Mandir school(RSS run) manager he said will I be able to see everything what is happening in my school by sitting at home & I replied sir I am telling this to you for years now, without listening to me he started endless story of Modi, Digital India & his cousin's son in US and how system work there and so on..Finally he gave me work order with an instruction to start it immediately.

2. Increased Phone + Internet penetration.. Whenever you go people have all the time to spend on their phone so we built our first mobile app in 2015 for Shriram school & yield great results.

3.Change in business model .. When I spoke with a school owner he was avoiding me like I am trying to sell detergent soap to a lady who has no money but wish to buy a lot of it. When I explain his sir we will give you everything free of cost & will make money for you. He was all ears & immediately ordered tea for me. I hope you go the point.

4. Complete Solution.. Every education business owner wants to upgrades and transform their business of education however they are reluctant as most the previous companies they hired could not fulfill their dream of complete automation. Hardware company delivered PC, software company delivered binaries + PDF. staff n teacher clue less about what to do with these things so after some time the investment made by the school vanished. We talked to the school business owners that they need to finalize us as a software + hardware + operations partner, if you really wanted a successful ERP in their institute. They understood & we are going successful in 160+ schools/colleges now. Education technology industry going be flourish in year to come. Don't mark by words as it will be available in YS story...Cheers!!! 

 If you want to know more kindly contact me vedantaserver01@gmail.com & like us on https://www.facebook.com/VedantaERP/ 

Rajesh Dagar

Directory Technology 


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