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Check out These Pros & Cons before You List Your Business on Wikipedia


Wikipedia is widely used as a source of references to researchers worldwide. While searching anything on Google or other search engines, a Wikipedia entry is most likely to be opened as the first link by most of the people. So the question arises- Can Wikipedia be used for marketing purposes? Can we list ourselves or our business onto Wikipedia? The answer is certainly yes but at the same time it is not probably what you have in mind. A Wikipedia entry on you or your business isn’t going to directly sell your products or get you any commissions but will only help people to get an idea of your business. Though it certainly adds credibility to your name or brand by putting it up on the web for everyone to see but, Before wiki page creation read below pro and cons of having a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia Pros for Your Business

Pro #1: Wikipedia is fact-based. Every entry in Wikipedia is based out of facts and aren’t any opinions, hype, or marketing ploys. Though users registered to Wikipedia can edit information published in wiki pages but the wiki software controls the information added by users, that is, if a person feeds any wrong information, the wiki software can automatically revert the changes to the previous version.

With this feature, your business gets an opportunity to tell people about your business is exactly- what you do, how you do it which may otherwise not be possible directly with your company website or marketing messages.

Pro #2: Wikipedia adds legitimacy to your name or brand. Since Wikipedia is a third-party website, the information on your Wikipedia page may be more valuable to a potential customer than some of the information on your website. Listing your business on Wikipedia help you access millions of users out of which many can be your potential leads. All these marketing benefits you can avail with exactly no advertising, no marketing, no T.V. commercials, no business campaigns & propaganda.

Pro #3: Great Exposure without any Marketing. Your business page will get you a fair amount of limelight through Wikipedia.  Wikipedia pages are always ranked high on most of the SERPs - within the first 3 links, thus boosting your business rankings without any extra efforts & money wastage through hiring of SEO professionals for your business website.

Pro #4: You can direct your Business Wiki Page in a way you like. Rather than letting users start your Wikipedia page that may have chances of errors. You can direct the type of information you want on your Business Wiki page. In this way you can manage your reputation and point out information which may otherwise not known or available on your site. Wiki pages provide you with reference material for all documents linked to the wiki information. You can give reference to a news article or link it to your website.

Wikipedia Cons for Your Business

Con #1: Wikipedia isn’t always reliable. Though it’s highly popular, the information is not always correct. Based on user entries, it can be changed or modified by anyone who wants to. Not everything you see on Wikipedia is a proven fact. This is an important con business should keep in mind before listing them up on Wikipedia.

Con #2: Anyone can change/modify/edit your Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia offers a little control over information. Anyone can edit anything on your Wikipedia page. It can be a miffed customer, disgruntled ex-employee, any person or your competitor that hates you. Yes, it can be anyone! So before you put your business to Wikipedia, you must know that it is about public information, not PR and it’s vulnerable to anyone who disagrees with the information it contains.

Con #3: You can’t control all of the information on your site. Since anyone registered on Wiki can make a change to it, you are required to keep checking your entry regularly to see if it’s been changed. There are situations when your competitors, business rivals or anyone who hates you can try to ruin your reputation by adding misleading information to your Wiki page. So you have to beware of this situation and keep monitoring such incidents & respond accordingly to such situations.


With all these pros and cons, I hope you can now have a clear understanding if Wikipedia best suits for you or your business. Using Wikipedia for business isn’t going to work very well if you don’t have enough notable, unique, face based and unbiased content/article. Once you have this all, it can prove to be a reliable driver of traffic for your business.


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