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Content Promotion Tactics to Help Your Great Content Get Amazing Exposure


Exposure is everything. If you are exposed you are visible. If you are visible you are noticed. If you are noticed people ask you what your business is. Take the example of Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Shakespeare is so widely known just because of the exposure he gained. It works the same for your company and your products. One must employ tactics like ice cream parlors garnish plain ice creams with nuts and other toppings to entice people to notice your great content. Here are a few you can try.

Think Big

Don’t think outside the box. Think like there is no box. -Jo Miller

Anyone who launches a business must think big right from the outset. It is no different when it comes to promoting great content. Think big. This means you target the big boys in media like Reuters, Dow Jones, and IDG. If you have great content they will publish and smaller media will take it up possibly leading to a whirlwind effect on your content. Think big also means you must not ignore TV, especially news channels that are on the lookout for great content to show on channels and in their digital outlets. Of course, thinking big implies that you have a well-strategized tactic to derive concrete benefits from such exposure.

Socialize Big Time

Sometimes.. It's Just a Great Opportunity TO SOCIALIZE. -Mark Foreman

Whether you like or hate social media is irrelevant. It is a tool and you can leverage it big time. The best thing is it does not cost much but gets you whopping returns. One way is to tweet bytes and snippets from your content that can then be picked up, retweeted and generate traffic. Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg, to name a few in the genre are also great for social bookmarking. Post links to your content in addition to content. Content these days has moved beyond alphanumeric characters. It includes infographics, videos, and pictures that can find wider audiences on Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, and Pinterest. Then there are influencers you can find who might care to make a comment. Finding them on buzzstream is not all that difficult. Just make sure to publish your great content and then request influences for their opinions and once they do, include their quotes in your content. Oh yes, you may have obtained your ideas from sources so it would be nice to mention expert sources. You can email them, thank them and request them to share and link your content. Apply one of the core philosophies of business: let others do the work for you.


What Are Learners Suppoosed to do after Learning the Course? Figure that out and Build the Appropriate Interactive Elements. - Tom Kuhlmann

Passive, one-way posts are …well passive. What you need is to be interactive. This could mean breaking up content into teasers, into a series and posting snippets on various channels. One hand shakes the other. Act on this and offer people, who share your content or otherwise promote it or respond, something in return. This world is not entirely altruistic.


Email has an Ability many Channels Don't: Creating Valuable, Personal Touches - at Scale. - David Newman

It still works. Emailing blog digests once a week to all readers is a good way to evoke responses that you want. What is more, links in the email could get clicks that translate to revenues. Email can get wonderful results provided you engage in regular newsletter broadcasts spiced up with offers in an interactive way.


Today it's not About 'Get the Traffic' --It's about 'Get the Targeted and Relevant Traffic' -Adam Audette

In order to get traffic to your content, you need to be pointed in the right direction with the right tools. SimilarWeb is a tool that lets you find where the referral traffic originates. Ahrefs is invaluable in finding out which pages are sending traffic so you can focus more on these links. Just as pursuing big names like HuffPost and Forbes can get results, SEMrush is another tool you can use to find out why traffic is sent to a site. Smaller blogs need not be ignored. These tools lead you to such smaller blogs. Engage such bloggers and get them to reference your content in their post.

The Sponsor Shortcut

It may be a matter of pride to engage in organic practices to promote content but getting fast results is necessary. Sponsored posts are the way you can move into the limelight quickly. You pay. So what? Consider the cost of manhours you spend on organic promotions. Sponsored promotions cost less. Then there are StumbleUpon paid discovery features, Reddit ads, Outbrain promotions and Facebook ads you can leverage to get on the fast track.

Can You Do It?

Creating great content does not take much time. Promoting it using the right tactics and getting results is time and labor intensive. Enterprises may rarely have people or resources to engage in content promotion tactics and if they do, the results are far from satisfactory. It always pays to hire experts.


Enterprises cannot sit back with a website listing their products and services. Content in any of its various forms, be it video, text, images or infographics, is necessary for promotion using the right tactics. It is not practical for a business to do it in-house because of the various different strategies involved. Engaging the right agency is essential and one may think of farming out the task to an SEO agency. However, even SEO has limitations given the rapid evolution in digital technologies. Therefore, should you wish to get results, it is best to assign the task to a martech company. Martech is a blend of marketing and technology. Martech people understand both marketing and digital technologies. The outcomes are far better because they build on the strengths of both.


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