What this corona outbreak has taught me as a parent

What this corona outbreak has taught me as a parent

Friday April 10, 2020,

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The world is going crazy with how corona virus has impacted the livelihood of people across the globe. 

I am not here to bombard with statistics of deaths due to Corona or how every country is taking necessary steps to control it. 

There is enough data available online plus the statistics are changing daily rather hourly. By the time you will read it, there’ll be new updates. So, what’s the point in giving old data ;)

Nevertheless, I know a lot of parents are struggling to balance work and kids together. And forwards like these make you feel, you are not alone.

Work from Home be like!!

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It definitely provides you a dose of laughter for a while, and then the reality check hits you hard.


Did I just say, hitting hard?

What if I say, it is all your perception. Ah, it is difficult to entertain kids’ tantrums. Isn’t it? 

I have a 4 year old son. Most of you can relate to the non-stop chatter and hyper-activity that must be happening all around me. 

I am sailing in the same boat as you, dear working parents. I know the struggle is real. But hang on.

Let me show you the brighter picture now -

I have been working from home since my son turned 2.5 years old. I remember sending my son to school even when he had a slight flu, so that I can work at peace. I slept at night with guilt during such days. I have questioned myself umpteen times like what kind of a mother am I.

Over the last few days, I got to spend more time with my son, not that I didn’t over weekends. As a working parent, most of us feel guilty of being able to devote less time to our kids during weekdays. Even when we are home, we are not off from our devices. We are constantly hooked to social networking sites, work emails or busy with household chores.

There have been instances of me going crazy over my kid’s illogical demands. I have even joked with my friends and relatives that I may go insane during this lock-down time frame, till the time all schools are shut. 

Does it feel like you? 

Hang on! I have something interesting to share with you.

Thanks to the mandatory school shutdown due to corona virus, I have an opportunity to spend quality time with my family. 

Those indoor board games, activities, toys, books, etc. that all acted as showpieces, are now being made to use. 

Here's what I learnt in the last few days-

  • Life can throw anything at you, but adjust yourself in such circumstances just like a child does.

  • The sparkle in your children’s eyes is priceless. Take out time for them. Now is the time to establish that bond. Once they grow up, they won’t have time to be with you.

  • Thank your parents. You now know what a job they have done to raise you and make you into what you are today.

  • Kids at this age have a great learning ability. Mine is fascinated to learn about geography these days. He enjoys finding new cities in the atlas. You can easily find your kid’s inclination and help them to know more about anything of their interest.

  • Engage your kids in household activities. Ask them to help you. Trust me, they like it. Tried and tested. It will help them value the efforts that go into it.

  • No matter how hard you try, you are bound to lose temper at times, and it is normal as long as you are not hitting your child.

  • Maybe limited exposure to learning videos on TV is not that bad. I have always been very strict with no screen time at all but now, I do let my son watch TV for sometime.

  • Children crave for your attention. You are their world. Give them the time that they deserve. 

  • Never give up. Have you seen a kid trying endlessly to solve his/her puzzle, or construct their Lego? They may leave it in between but the next day, they keep on doing the same thing till they completely achieve their objective. 

I am sure there are a lot of other things that you can learn from your children. These are just a few prominent ones from my learning.

And remember, don’t let this happen to your child.

Boy sitting lonely

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We have got a chance to realize the importance of having a loving family. 

Don’t let work tension get hold of you now. The entire world is going through this fight and we all will win it together with our attitude.

Life is too short to hold on to negativity around us. 

Cheers to life!

What are your learning or observations as a parent? How are things at your end? I would love to know your answers in the comments.