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Why Will the COVID-19 Crisis Boost Digital Marketing in the Future?

COVID-19 Crisis Boost Digital Marketing in the Future

The coronavirus crisis currently is a massive threat to not only our health but businesses as well; however, it is believed that digital marketing might take a huge leap forward during these times.

What we need to understand is that such major events have the potential to affect the whole population and transform our lives in more ways than one; it might not have an effect on the duration however can act as a catalyst for significant changes after that.

It goes without saying that this is by far one of the hardest times most marketers and content creators will face in their careers. However, there is a silver lining to everything, and this can turn out to be rewarding. After all, behind every crisis lies opportunities- and COVID-19 is a crisis that we have never faced before.

Due to the outbreak of this vicious and scary virus has caused the devastation that one can expect from a pandemic, at the same time, it has generated a lot of unforeseen outcomes. One of the good things that came out of this- all communities coming together and providing support to each other in various ways and this should be something that even your company should practice.

It has also come to notice that a lot of people are now spending more time on screens as the world is still in lockdown, hence changing the way we use the digital landscape and the way we forge digital connections.

Furthermore, many people are speculating that not only will it change the digital spectrum but our social attitude, lifestyles and how people work and shop.

How does working from home keep some firms going?

A critical issue that emerged amongst many countries was the economy. A recession is all but inevitable; what steps the respected government takes right now will play a huge role in people’s lives. Moreover, in due course, all of us will start returning to our jobs and firms and start the recovery. Some marketing and communications consultancy companies granted work from home to their employees even before the lockdown got implemented, for instance, ARM Worldwide was one of many companies that not only agreed but practised it as well.

However, there is another side of the story where the staff has been put on furlough scheme, and people who have actually gained massively from this crisis are people who work in supermarkets, takeaways and online retailers. What this has showcased, just how much power some firms have to do the latter. What may be transformational here is the extent to which they rapidly have now adopted to do so.

However, there are various benefits to working from home during this outbreak:

  • Business is still up and running even if the work premise is not in use.
  • Comes with flexibility for staff who need to be at home, safe and sound.
  • Also, if anyone of the employees has some sort of illness (not just COVID-19) can now work in isolation and not pass their bugs onto their fellow employees.
  • It brings environmental benefits from less travelling.

Now the next question arises - How can digital marketers responsibly respond to COVID 19 in such short notice?

If there ever was a time for digital marketing agencies and businesses to come to fore, it is now. With people not stepping out of their house for any work, they are more people online and for a longer period of time. Therefore, higher the chances of them watching ads on social media or increase in interaction with content marketers.

So some targets that digital marketers should focus on is:

  • Social media – as this will be all-important for maintaining links.
  • Websites with sport-related content should be up-to-date as it will soon become popular due to the absence of the live sport.
  • Emphasise on morals and ethics – agencies and firms that are acting ethically when it comes to retaining staff and paying their suppliers or helping in other ways can easily highlight this in content marketing and through other sources as well.
  • SEO - Some SEO Companies is always keep focus on search engine optimization.

This will precisely focus on the significant changes that have occurred since the crisis. The consumers need to consider the change, especially in terms of their needs, which everyone can relate to as nearly everybody has the same lifestyle now, more or less.


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