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Cryptocurrency in a nutshell: Bitcoin vs Ethereum!

Cryptocurrency in a nutshell: Bitcoin vs Ethereum!

Wednesday November 21, 2018,

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Before we understand why bitcoin or why ethereum, let me just brief you about what is bitcoin & what is ethereum, i.e. bitcoin vs ethereum. Ethereum is the name of the blockchain company that produces its own digital currency called ether, whereas Bitcoin is the most well-known digital currency on the market right now!

The list of cryptocurrencies just keeps on growing in the market, naming Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc. So the question is how are they different & how should we invest?

Bitcoin vs Ether vs Litecoin vs Ripple:

Bitcoins are the digital currency designed for the peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that could be used without going through a financial institution. Ether is digital token developed by blockchain development company designed for its “smart contract applications” which use blockchain development services to make deals more efficient. Talking about Litecoins, they are much like bitcoin designed for peer-to-peer payment use but its transactions are faster compared to bitcoins and have a limited supply of 84 million litecoins. Whereas Ripple has its own digital token called the XRP. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, investing in them you need to find different ways to earn a profit or reduce your loss!

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Mining:

Launched in 2015, ethash proof of work used is ASIC resistant and memory hard but is GPU friendly by design. We provide ethereum development services and expertise to realize the full potential of this blockchain development services.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoins are centralized mining industry with ASIC and FPGA mining in large scale, its early miners possess the majority of the coins. Thus with the powerful blockchain technology, it does not stop to just ethereum development or bitcoins, Blockchain application development makes sure that the transaction added to the database is unchanged over the years.

A good blockchain development company can help you with ethereum app development and help you in ethereum mining.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Investment:

Although Ethers have a market cap of only $1 billion & Bitcoins have a market capitalization of $6-$6.5 billion there are differences in their economic models. The rewards/profit are halved after every 4 years in bitcoin, there is no such thing in Ethereum. Others are released at the same amount every year.

Well, a plus one to ethereum development services & ethereum application development.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Predictions:

As said earlier, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and thus have a lot of prediction with every changing individual. It’s essential to remember that because of the free market activity flow, Ethereum is probably not going to exchange as high as Bitcoin on a flat out premise. With approx. 89,000,000 Ethereum coins at present available for use versus 2L million bitcoin, the proportionate total cost for BTC/ETH equality is around $226.00/dissemination balanced (as on studied charts). If we take away, the whole Ethereum market would be proportionately esteemed to the whole Bitcoin showcase at $226.00 ETH. The identical esteem cost is set to increment over the long haul since Ethereum is more mineable with respect to Bitcoin.


Bitcoin vs Ethereum are two different sides of the coin. Be it in terms of Bitcoin vs Ethereum mining, be it Bitcoin vs Ethereum investing or be it Bitcoin vs Ethereum predictions a smart move is appreciated. Although Bitcoin has emerged as a relatively stable digital currency, ethereum is nevertheless. It has a wide view with ether just a small part.

It’s a complete thumbs up for Ethereum and blockchain development services. We are a cryptocurrency development company and provide you with the best Ethereum app development services.

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