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Online Reputation Management (ORM) in 5 steps

Bringing in the importance of Online Reputation Management  by SocialOrange.in a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

How to manage your brands online? Online Reputation Management (ORM) in 5 steps

Online reputation is extremely important as things said online about your brand are seriously considered by your audience. A bad online presence and reputation can result in a loss of credibility for your business. It is also very important to understand your environment and also to know where people are talking about your business. 

Here are 5 steps to help you with online reputation management (ORM):

1. Google yourself and set up Google alerts

Search for the name of your company on Google and set up Google alerts. You need to enter in the search query you want to monitor. You can also set the frequency of the notifications.

Setting Google alerts is very simple and easy

2. Respond to reviews and generate more positive reviews

Reviews can be both positive and/or negative. You need to respond to all of them strategically by providing solutions and not just deleting the negative ones. Make it easy to post reviews online and also actively ask for them.

Spend some time in responding back to review either it be positive / negative

3. Build your online presence

You could set up a minimum of 3 to 4 channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and optimise your profile.

Build your online presence with relevant content - SocialOrange.in can help you with Social Media Marketing

4. Content Marketing Strategy

Determining the makeup of your online audience is important. You need to create a good content marketing strategy while examining where, what and how often you are going to post online.

Brands without content marketing strategy will soon become obsolete 

5. Track and analyse results

While the last, this is possibly one of the most important steps of online reputation management. You need to track and analyse results for a good online reputation management experience (ORM).

Track, Measure & Improvise - Mantra of SocialOrange.in

It is necessary to remember the power of social media in this digital age. Since this might be difficult to handle alone, the services of a reputed social and digital marketing firm can be used for online reputation management (ORM).


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