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Five interesting gadgets for moms to be

If you are an expectant mother, the first thing that you will be told by your elders is to stay away from the electronic gadgets. 

Well, you may have to stay away from the cellphones and laptops, but there are some gadgets that a mother to be needs. These gadgets will not just help you through the pregnancy, but also will make the process easier. They are all simple devices that you can use every day while you are pregnant. The gadgets will help you bond with your baby and know it better even before it is outside. Whether it is online contraction timer pregnancy or belly buds, you need some technology during pregnancy.

Here are the five gadgets that you must not miss buying when you are pregnant –

Baby kick tracker –

The wellbeing of your baby will be your first concern when you are pregnant. You can monitor the safety of your baby through many ways. The kick counter is one such device. And you will not need the help of the doctor to count the kicks of the baby. When you have your baby inside your womb, he kicks your belly many times each day. A baby kick counter will help you keep track of the times the baby has kicked you. Some women keep the count manually. But why worry when you have the gadget to keep an accurate count.

Belly buds –

Even though your baby is not yet born, he can hear everything from the outside world. Make sure that he listens to only the most beautiful sounds. Use the belly buds to help your baby listen to soothing music and songs. The baby buds will help your baby listen to music without disturbing people around you. The little speakers must be stuck to your belly and all you have to do is play the songs. You can also record your voices and let the baby hear it. The earphone splitter will assist you and your baby to listen to the same music at the same time.

Contraction Timer –

The contractions keep increasing as your due date for delivery nears. Keep a track of your contractions and know when you will actually be ready to give birth. The contraction timer pregnancy will not when, how long and what frequency your contractions were.

Due date calculator –

The doctor might have given you a due date, but there is no harm in calculating your date due on your own. The due date calculator will assist you to know when your baby will finally be out.

Address book –

A pregnant woman should be very cautious. She must also be alert. Having all the important contact numbers and addresses in one place is important just in case she is in labor anytime. The address book can be used to contact the people who are important to her doctor, chemist, spouse and mother.

These are some of the gadgets that you must own if you are expecting a new baby. These technologies will help you have a fuss-free pregnancy and delivery. 

source: pregistry.com


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