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How controlling steps is to be taken against the adverse affecting factor in SEO?


Of course SMO Services  data has a sampling rate is not high, but also the possibility of being a sham. But if the statistical point of view, so long as this factor is controlled within a certain percentage of, and reference to other data, or can help in large part to choose the best sites. October 6 at Google with the site: search instruction given domain total number of pages to be indexed, Google has XXX pages upper right corner of the display, but the search results list only a few, often also to supplement the material in the majority.

The following shows simultaneously, “in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted XX of similar entries to be displayed, according to your wishes can be omitted results included after the search, then search again. Click the so-called omitted results, listed or just a few pages. XXX upper right corner or suggest you have a query result, but can not see how these results. Clearly not. Various SEO related forums discussing this issue in a warm, not an isolated phenomenon.

From beginning to end speculation the hubbub of the Big Daddy data centers , and now we know that in addition to all Google data centers are already using this new infrastructure outside, the infrastructure in the end what is meant , we still do not quite understand. Google in the past year has been a great URL canonicalization issues , owners have taken the recommendations of various ways, many did not see the effect, do people know what to do.

Instruction in recent months has been a mess, do not really show all the pages are indexed, the page is listed, there are many a few months ago, even a few years ago included data. Supplementary material appeared in large numbers, many supplementary material is already non-existent pages, data or a long time ago, these supplements will appear in the database for a long time, usually one year.


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