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What is solvemyproblemm?


A knowledge exchange portal where individuals with problems can seek expert advice to aid in problem solving of the issues affecting their personal and professional lives. It is a new age interface where solution seekers can ask questions to trusted experts in a field, and get credible answers to their problems.

1) Well, aren’t there a lot of problem solving portals? Why simply add to the already expanding crowd? What sets you guys apart?

Solvemyproblemm is unlike any other Q&A sites. These are some of the distinctive features that set smp apart from the rest of the Q&A sites:

1. Power to the seeker:

On solvemyproblemm, the solution seeker not only gets the opportunity to ask a question online, but he/she even gets the power to choose whom to ask questions to. smp believes in transparency. Experts’ profiles from various fields are on display on the homepage with all relevant details including the years of experience. You can choose one or more experts to get solutions, based on your needs.

You can choose amongst the experts who are providing free/paid services. Once you affirm that the solution received has solved your problem, you will receive 10% of the consultation charges paid to the expert.

2. Set a deadline:

The portal empowers you to set a deadline date, by which you need an answer. You can chose any date after 3 working days, from the date you post the problem. This allows experts time to understand, contemplate and work out best solutions for you, taking time out from their busy schedule.

3. Status of your Problem:

Please set privacy status of your question. If you do not wish to expose the interaction between the expert and you to the rest of the world, then the privacy settings can be chosen accordingly.

The portal also serves as an internet office. A one of a kind virtual office, where the experts can manage their clients, details of appointments and consultations in a safe and organized manner.

2) What do you mean by the term ‘internet office’?

An office is where a large amount of work gets handled every day. From records of appointments to business transactions the list is endless. When a lot of work has to be handled, the chances of mistakes too loom large. solvemyproblemm is a virtual office where experts can

1. interact with their clients,

2. maintain reference books,

3. attach and send files to their clients or colleagues,

4. keep track of past or current work assignments,

5. store, organize and sort details of clients or consultation online,

6. receive money.

For many experts who no longer practice day jobs owing to increasing age or any other reason, smp also provides them the amazing opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. It is indeed a win-win situation for the seekers as well as experts on solvemyproblemm.

3) What if I solvemyproblemm doesn’t solve my problemm?

Solvemyproblemm.com doesn’t claim that every problem that is presented on the platform will be solved. smp clarifies that it only serves as a meeting place for people who are seeking counsel and experts who can impart professional advice. There are no claims that any or every problem will be solved. The solution to a problem resides in as much the quality of advice as in the execution of the advice. An advice that a problem does not have any solution, is as much a professional advice if made by a subject matter expert, as the offer of clear solution.

A knowledge exchange portal where solution seekers and experts can connect, consult and share information is what smp claims to be!


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