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The 7 Best Alternatives to Facebook

Up to Now Facebook is the Main Source for the Social Media Promotion, but now trending changes day by day so many social networks coming out to rule the online media. Now we have so many alternatives to Facebook to Promote Your Business through Social Networks.

Facebook Alternatives

In 2006, an online social networking website named Facebook took the internet world by storm. Everyone was signing up on Facebook and soon it became the largest social networking site.Facebook has dramatically altered the way we socialize and is one of the medium which has defied all physical boundaries.Its popularity has made it favorite among Social Media Marketing Companies that want to tap its huge user base for product advertising and marketing.

Although Facebook advertising and marketing enjoys a sort of monopoly, there are alternatives available for those who either find it banal or seek a refreshing change to socialize. In the recent past, many other social media marketing platforms have been trying to give Facebook a run for its money but with limited success. These Social Media Marketing Services make for a novel alternative and may help you rid yourself of the archetype of Facebook style. Read on to know the top seven substitutes to Facebook:

1. Twitter

Twitter does not require any introduction. Though this social site is more inclined towards news and updates, still you can sign up and follow their friends and favorite celebrities. You can follow them using a # (hashtag) and can even limit the visibility of your posts. The user has to convey the message in just 140 characters, so one needs to be creative to strike an interesting conversation. Hands down,Twitter is one of the most fun and easy-to-use social networking sites.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform that allows you to save individual photos through the “Pin it” button. Anything that interests your mind can be pinned to your pin-board. The images are categorized, thus making the search process easier. You can re-post or re-pin the post and you can even notify your friends on other social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

3. Instagram

For people who are possessed to upload and share their pictures, Instagram is an ideal platform. It allows you to share your pictures and tag a person, describe your mood or just leave for people to guess. This application allows you to connect your account to other social networking platforms. Recently it has launched the video feature wherein you can record and post your videos online. Instagram has a strict privacy policy, and for you to view someone’s posts or profile, you need to be friends with them.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is popular among professionals and is also used by universities of repute around the world to post certificates of their students for the prospective employer. It allows you to connect with other professionals and employers and find jobs. It is a great place to update yourself with the latest trends and news of the industry. It has a unique feature "Pulse" where you can share new ideas with big corporate bodies.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is a micro blogging and. You can create short blogs, share them with your friends and follow others’ blogs. You also have an option to keep your writeups private. Like Facebook, it also has a live dashboard where you will get regular updates. The only difference in the dashboard is that you can set the time limit to control when a particular update will appear on it.

6. Google+

Google+ is one of the strongest competitors of Facebook. You can stay in touch with your near and dear with complete privacy. You can group your friends and family in circle and share your posts with them. Using the “stream” function you can access the posts from your circles and can filter the ones you want to view. Using the hangout feature you can chat, make video calls, and conference calls. With features like Hangout on-air and photo enhancers, Google+ is worth giving a try.

7. MySpace

Music is the unique feature that makes this networking site stand out among the contenders. Earlier it was a launching pad for many new artists and singers. But now it is a place where you can virtually share posts, games, music and any latest news. The MySpace music feature allows you to create your playlist and share it with your family and friends. It also suggests you songs based on your previous and current playlist.


The networking alternatives enumerated above are Every networking site brings a set of novelties and uniqueness for its user base. The stiff competition demands continuous mutation to make the platform more attractive and user friendly.ng for a bigger market share and offer a greater challenge to Facebook. However, Facebook, which stormed its way with gale force in the arena of social networking sites, is here to remain for a foreseeable future. Notwithstanding, other sites offer a revitalizing change and it is worth your time to try out a new platform.