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7 ways to make your content more SEO friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your content more visible to the desired audience.

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your content more visible to the desired audience. SEO comprises both creative & technical elements so as to increase traffic on the page, improve rankings & create awareness. Being recognizable on the search engines can sometimes be an uphill task. Here’s sharing some insider tips to make your content more user-friendly by making pay for essay writing services by hiring our expert team of writers.

1) Quality is the King - Despite using all possible measures to increase traffic, it is in vain if your content is not up to the mark. The article should be well organized, informative & relevant to the reader. Check essay shark to preview and read the best quality blogs. Top notch content will surely make its way past all other results and blogs out there. One must also remember that if the content is not user-friendly and external links containing pictures & videos are not provided, Google rankings will automatically rank the page lower. As said, Quality is the king!

2) The Keyword Trick- Once your article is ready, take a look through it & make sure you have used the keywords (1-3% of your total content) to catch the attention of viewers. As various studies suggest, using the right keywords can increase your reach from tens to millions. Although researching keywords may sound like a back-breaking task, various guides are available on the internet which will help you out.

3) Make it Big- Short articles are a blow to the reader. You must support your content with relevant examples & make it informative. No article should be less than 300 words. This is an easy target if your content is well organized. Long content should be frequently posted. This increases your chances of gaining more hits through shares & word of mouth.

4) Fancying the job- Browsing through pages & pages of content is a tedious task & is not appealing to the reader. The content should be made more attractive by using short paragraphs, breaking them into headings & subheadings, using different fonts, lists & other writing methods

5) Online resources – This is the epoch of technology. Multiple tools available on the internet can help to make your content more effective. Popular SEO tools such as Plagiarism checker, article re-writer, Grammar checker, Cache Checker, Image Compression tools, etc can help in achieving your task & make your writing more alluring

6) Link it! – Using external links makes your article appear authentic & more trustworthy to the reader. It leads to better search engine results. As various studies suggest, linking to other websites is more valuable than providing hyperlinks to your own website. It makes the user certain about the accuracy of the information provided

7) Double checking is a must- The advent of Grammar Nazis makes your content more vulnerable to public attacks. Double check everything from facts to the punctuation & grammar used lest it shall go viral for the wrong reasons.


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